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Posted: Sep 05, 2011
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I wish forum users would stop on one hand complimenting the product and on the other threatening to leave if they don't implement immediately there request. We all have our top requests making up a list of 1000+ requests. Maybe there is a possibility of periodically Toodledo listing there top say 4 priorities for future. My recollection at the beginning of the year was UI and collaboration(I could be wrong) so it may look like this.

1. Bug support & corrections as needed (No description)
2. Minor features as developed (No description)
2. User Interface (Major project)
3. Collaboration (Major project)

If this were done say quarterly it may help the critical continued references to old requests and the standard reply that it is on the list. I guess the only downside is competition knowledge. Just looking for happy solution. I think sometime we forget how reasonably priced this product and its compliments are in relationship to its significant features.


Posted: Sep 05, 2011
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TD has repeatedly said they will not publish a "roadmap" for obvious reasons. Since I don't want to help their competition anymore than they do, I support this decision. It's just good business to keep your plan confidential.

Besides, if they published it, the people who want the next thing on the list will be happy, but I can already hear all the ones already threatening to quit shouting louder and more frequently that the improvement they want (which is obviously the most important one) should be the one at the top of the list and they'll go elsewhere if TD doesn't give them (who are obviously the most important customers) what they want. I'd guess it would only exacerbate the situation that way.

If I were on TD staff, I doubt I could see any kind of win in publishing their roadmap.

Posted: Sep 05, 2011
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Was just a thought. I can see the downside.
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