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subtasks only go down one level?
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Posted: Mar 12, 2010
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Qrystal, I really like your system for using square brackets in simple subtask lists in your notes. I sometimes feel the need to break down tasks further into a simple checklist, but I don't really do it in any systematic way at the moment.

Posted: Mar 15, 2010
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Thanks saskia.x! I just replied to another post of yours where you had a great idea I am going to implement soon: the saved search to reschedule stuff! :)

One thing I didn't mention about why I use the notes field for subsubtasks is that it feels way too fiddly to create whole new tasks for things that are really just parts of a task that isn't really a big enough deal to separate out into separate pieces. When I overplan things, I find I get overwhelmed.

Doing this note-field checklist also feels to me like a more natural way to show GTD's Next Actions, because there aren't a bunch of tasks sitting around waiting to become the NEXT Next Action; instead, the Next Action (or the one in progress) can be marked with an asterisk: [*].

For awhile, I had my tasks organized by last modified date, and so when I made any progress on something and updated the notes field, the task would float to the top of the list in a nice uplifting way. However, I've been sorting by other things lately, and I'm missing this. :(

Posted: Jun 30, 2010
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I'm new to Toodledo and just signed on as a Pro User specifically to get subtasks. I am disappointed, like others before me, that they only go one level deep. I do like Qrystal's suggestion above about using the notes field for "taskletts" and will give it a try... but since it's been months since the last post to this forum, I'd like to put in another bid for deeper nesting. It would be good to have the Toodledo moderator chime in with an update about current intentions with respect to nesting subtasks and any ideas for coping in the meanwhile...

I am new to organizational apps like this one, so I may eventually learn that deep nesting is not worth it, but right now in my learning curve, it seems like it would really help.

Posted: Jul 06, 2010
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I'd like to also add my support and show that this is still an issue.

I will probably use the note field as suggested above for now, but I'd like a more flexible implementation. I just started using Toodledo and am very impressed by the feature set (esp tags coupled with due dates) and so far sub-tasking is all I've found lacking.

If it isn't going to be implemented I'll probably petition my company to create a similar application embedded in our enterprise software that we use in-house. It already has the idea of nested 'tasks' so I know it's possible. Unfortunately it's lacking in many of the other features that Toodledo has to offer.

Once again, I'm impressed by Toodledo's feature set, but I find the limited sub tasks stifling.
Andrew A

Posted: Jul 07, 2010
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I'm OK with it only going one level deep... but then again, I see task management and project management as two distinct things (related, but different). If I have to multi-nest, I tend to think my perception of my task is wrong. Just my two cents.

Posted: Aug 06, 2010
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Well, what can I say. I used "remember the milk" and was frustrated that there is no possibility to use sub-tasks. Now I´m just testing the trial pro version of Toodledo since 2 days only to use the sub-task-feature.

I just wanted to click to upgrade to Pro, before I realized than the "Sub-Task-Feature" consists of only one more sub-task. Hey guys. You don't really mean that. You proudly present on your Feature Comparison Page that Toodledo does everything your competitors do plus more. Now than it´s only possible to add one more sub-task.

Further you say in reference to GTD: "When you have an item that needs to be broken down into its constituent actionable steps, you are in the "Project Planning" stage."

Good idea. Helped my to get my tasks/ projects in order. But to complete a project, I need at least 3/4 sub-tasks. Otherwise in my opinion it is not a project.

I cannot write down how disappointed I am. I thought I finally found my tool. Actually I would rethink about my decision to use something else, but it doesn´t look like that Toodledo will have at least 3 Sub-Tasks in the future.

What a pity.

Posted: Aug 06, 2010
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Posted by grossermanitu:
Helped my to get my tasks/ projects in order. But to complete a project, I need at least 3/4 sub-tasks. Otherwise in my opinion it is not a project.
Do you mean 3 to 4 subtasks or 3 to 4 levels of subtasks?

You can add as many subtasks as you want, but having 3 or 4 levels of subtasks would be an unusually complex project to track using task management software.

BTW (since you brought up GTD), a "Project" in the GTD model is any desired outcome that requires the completion of more than one action. It doesn't necessarily refer to what is commonly meant by "Project".

Also, in Toodledo, you can use Goals and Folders (or even Contexts) as additional levels.

This message was edited Aug 06, 2010.

Posted: Dec 17, 2010
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Like so many others, I upgraded to pro for subtasks. It is a major blocker to discover there is only 1 level. Sadly, this will probably force me to another product.

Posted: Dec 17, 2010
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My 2 cents,

For me more levels of subtasks isn't productive because I use my action list as Next Action, I wouldn't mind task dependecy but that is a different ball game.

More levels of substasks feels more like project planning than the purpose of toodledo - a todo list

Posted: Dec 17, 2010
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how does tasks then an ordered set of subtasks (all at same level) not represent "next actions" in order? Are not subsub...tasks implemented by simply ordering your subtasks in the order in which they must be completed? or is there something I'm not understanding?

Posted: Apr 27, 2011
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Posted by alexandremrj:

More levels of substasks feels more like project planning than the purpose of toodledo - a todo list

What is one person's "todo" item may be another person's whole objective (broken down into a whole bunch of tasks).

I too was sadly disappointed when I found that tasks have only one level deeper item, subtasks.

In the mid-80's I had to be an administrator for a machine that had one level of directories... (you had only directories under "root" and files in those directories but nothing further) hahaha, thought that simple concept had long gone away.

It really befuddled me that someone would actually develop an app with only one level of subtasks. Certainly there is a practical limit in displaying but why FORCE everyone to not be able to make recursive subtasks.

I have not yet attempted to test, but there is the parent id. So can someone just put a subtask id in the parent id of the subtask? If so, then any 3rd party app can create recursive subtasks...

I like the app and the droid apps to interface, but not having recursive subtasks may be the final kick to drop it. The other was to be able to set the completion date. I often forget to check it off on the day I did it, and if I'm going to really use this, I want to track the actual information. Else I can continue to use the ol' paper DayTimer...

Cheryl Ann

Posted: May 02, 2011
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I am a fairly new user and, I too, would like more available nesting for tasks/subtasks. But, for me, I think sub-folders would be even more helpful. Any chance an upgrade is in the works for this?

Posted: May 12, 2011
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I'll chime in here. i upgraded for subtasks thinking that I would be able to do sub sub sub sub tasks... I work in IT and frequently write up project plan tasks that have many nested levels. Using the notes doesn't really work for me as I have to click in on each task. One more level of subtasks would be very helpful.

Posted: May 12, 2011
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OK< I am an EXPERT at this conversation! I have a LOVE HATE relationship with TOODLEDO, but as far as I am concerned TOODLEDO it the BEST TASK management APP because it has a very efficent DESKTOP appliucation for windows, it has tons of features...(maybe to many) and it works. I found another app that DOES the SUBTASK thing very nicely, I was gonna jump ship, then I found out the ALARMS and ALERTS, and SYNC was limited. TOODLEDO even does outlook cal nice.

Posted: May 19, 2011
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Posted by Claudio:
Posted by grossermanitu:

You can add as many subtasks as you want, but having 3 or 4 levels of subtasks would be an unusually complex project to track using task management software.

OK, I seriously don't get how ANYBODY out there simplifies there lives to the extent that they could say THAT!!! Virtually anything I do has 3-5 steps involved, which are each dependent on the one before. e.g. Let's say I want to construct ANYTHING, it requires a minimum of: 1) design the widget. 2) go to Home Depot for widget parts. 3) Build the widget... or let's say I want to make capucino. There's 1) talk to the wife about it, 2) do some on line research about the available machines, 3) compare prices on the chosen model at the local stores, 4) go to ebay and actually buy one. ...and having to repeatedly muck around through scores of distracting parallel subtasks, rethinking which needs to get done next, over and over and over, or - instead of setting up a hierarchy and just checking off boxes - having to move everybody over to the next peg, manually, to maintain something in the 'next action" frame just doesn't seem to respect the uncluttered, de-complicated, organize once and eliminate distractors way of GTD!

Also, in Toodledo, you can use Goals and Folders (or even Contexts) as additional levels.

...which effectively means having to create some kind of entirely non-intuitive secret "code", to have to hold in my mind, such that not only do I need to prioritize things, but I need to invent, then remember, a different language using about fifteen words which don't mean what they meant for the past 53 years of my life.... and then go hunting through various subgroups of subtasks (that aren't actually even labeled as subtasks now, remember?), thus entirely eliminating the ability to glance at a list of only next action items, and choose one for doing...

Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 19, 2011
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If you need many levels of subtasks with task dependencies, then your needs are beyond what Toodledo can support right now. We will get there some day, but until then you'll either have to use some sort of compromise with Toodledo, or use a desktop project management tool that supports it. Something like Microsoft Project.

Posted: May 23, 2011
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Seeing as how this conversation has been going on since 2009, is there any plans for AT LEAST getting one additional sub-task level.

The majority of questions and concerns that people have could be taken care of if that were implemented.

How hard of an effort is this? what would the SWAG be?
Could we as a user community sponsor this development specifically to make it worth your while?

I'd be willing to do this in a Kickstarter kind of way where we all chip in X amount.

I really really really need this feature.
and I don't need MS Project, I just need a little bit deeper task nesting.

PLease advise.
Thank you.

Posted: May 24, 2011
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I'd like to second, third, tenth, (tenthousanth?) the need for more levels of subtasks.

I'd honestly like to go as deep as I feel a need to. Each subtask inheriting the properties of the parent above.

Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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Count me in as a GTD'er who *needs* either a hierarchy of tasks or a hierarchy of "folders" to manage projects with multiple levels of subprojects. I came from using ThinkingRock (a truly awesome desktop application for GTD) and am looking for something that syncs in the cloud, has good mobile access, etc. ToodleDo seems to be everything I need (thank you!!!), except for the halfway-there "subtasks".

I don't want to use the Folders for organizing projects, because I've got one for "Someday/Maybe" and one for "Inbox" (collecting thoughts before I process them into projects and next actions). That's not the same thing as actionable projects. I'd like to use top-level tasks as projects, then define subtasks that can be treated collectively as a checklist (based on the status field). Others have decsribed it better in this thread.

For now I will try using "Goal" as a "Project" field (haven't found a custom field yet, this is day 1 for me) and see how that works out. But if ToodleDo adds a true task hierarchy, I'll upgrade to Pro in a red hot minute.

Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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This conversation is as old as the world :-)

When reading this topic what jumps the most is that people want task dependency and not more levels of subtasks, because when we are going to more levels we are entering a project planification system that is not a todo list, its a project where next you will need a Gantt chart.
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