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Posted: Feb 16, 2012
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Can you add support for the <pre> HTML tag? I routinely have some text that really needs to be viewed with a fixed width font. Source code or a small table of information. With a variable width font and HTML's compression of X spaces into one, formatting a small table is impossible.

Example try to use '.' to space things:


20 120-170 200
25 117-166 195
30 114-162 190
35 111-157 185
40 108-153 180
45 105-149 175
50 102-145 170
55 99-140 165
60 96-136 160
65 93-132 155
70 90-128 150

This looks fine with fixed width font but is unreadable with variable.

This message was edited Feb 16, 2012.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Feb 16, 2012
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Thanks for the suggestion. We can't comment on a timeframe for implementation, but this is on our to-do list.

Posted: Feb 20, 2012
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I'll second this request, as I do exactly the same thing. I end up clicking "edit" just to see it in courier font.

Even better, add support for more tags:
* list tags <ul> <li>
* table tags <table> <tr> <td>

Or, just go with a wiki model of simplified text input.
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