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iOS app Location Alert/Sorting Frustration
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Posted: May 03, 2012
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Hey, all,

Don't know if this behavior is "as designed" or just my not knowing how to do it right, but here's my frustration:

In the iOS app, I have my task lists sorted by Star, then by Due Date (ascending). The specifics don't really matter, but suffice it to say that I have set my PREFERRED sort order.

If I turn on location-based alerts, get an alert, and tap on it, the app opens to a list of tasks sorted by distance from my current location (ascending).

That's great except that the distance-based sort order PERSISTS. So the next time I open the app, all of my lists are sorted that way and I have to go back and re-sort them to my PREFERRED order.

This is so frustrating that it makes the location-based alerts more of a pain than they're worth. Sure I can know when I'm close to a location that has tasks, but I can only find out WHICH tasks at the cost of having to re-sort all of my lists again. :-(

What would be GREAT would be if the app were smart enough to present the distance-based task list when responding to an alert but still RETAIN the user's desired "default" sort order.

Is that something that's possible and I'm just missing it or do I need to make that a "feature request"?


Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 03, 2012
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We will look into this. Thanks for pointing this out.

Posted: Oct 26, 2012
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Any progress on this?

I know the first rule of the roadmap is that you do not talk about the roadmap. I just want to keep this on your radar since it cripples distance based alerts ... at least for me.
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