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subtasks recurring at different frequencies
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Posted: Aug 27, 2012
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I thought I could use parent-/subtasks for grouping related tasks, but I have problems implementing this when the subtasks have different frequencies.

An example:
Task A - repeat: daily / due by: today
Subtask A1 - repeat: with parent
Subtask A2 - repeat: every monday, wednesday and saturday / due ON the next mon, wed, sat
Subtask A3 - repeat: every monday / due ON monday

Completing the task on monday moves the task with its subtasks to tuesday, but subtasks A2 and A3, that are due on wednesday or on the next monday, are 'cluttering' the list under 'tomorrow' in a view on duedate.

I really like to keep the subtasks together, because they are closely related, and on a day that I have to do more than the daily repeating tasks, I want to see immediately which 'non-daly' repeating subtasks there are for that task. But I don't want to see the tasks due ON monday when it's wednesday, because I always have to double-check (even in the 'by due-date view') which is the exact due-date.

Could someone point me to a method I could get subtasks repeating at different frequencies, in a way that I only see the subtasks that are really due on that day?

ETA: I should have looked a little closer at the 'Tips and Tricks' forum. I found the solution in Salgud 'Trusted System'

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Posted: Aug 29, 2012
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Today I found out my set-up was not unfailable...
I had a task ending today, with a subtask ending yesterday.

I have a saved searched for tasks with due date before tomorrow, or a start date before tomorrow, or without due date. (as in Salgud's 'Trusted system'
But yesterday the subtask (due date yesterday) didn't show up.

Of course, today the parent task (due date today) turned up, with the 'over-due' subtask.

Any suggestions how to have a subtask show up in time?

ETA: and again I found the solution immediately after I posted my question...
For a parent-task with subtasks that have a due date before the due-date of the parent, I have to assign a start-date to the parent, that's before the due-date of the first sub-task...

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