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Enhancement Request: Tag Management
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Derek Erb

Posted: Mar 05, 2009
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Reading your "Top Feature Request" my favourite would be Task Templates and the ability to duplicate tasks. I can already do everything offline with your wonderful iPhone app.

But the biggest weakness for me, especially coming at ToodleDo from RTM, is the management of Tags. The current free-text entry system is certainly less elegant than a managed list of tags.

At the moment we can, and do, type whatever we want as tags and as a comma-separated list. The problem is just that: we type. This leads to typing errors such as "clietn" which then creates a new tag and selection errors such as sometimes typings "clients" and other times typing "client".

I would certainly prefer that Tags were managed like Contexts in that we select from a list when entering and managing Tags. The major difference, obviously, is that there can only be one Context per Task while there can be, and often is, several Tags per Task.

My personal vote for a Top Feature Request would be a managed list of Tags rather than free-text entry. How do you determine which are the Top Feature Requests? I realise I may be alone in my request or in a small minority group. Do we ask for votes? Do others just chime in here with a reply like "Me Too"? How does this work?



Posted: Mar 05, 2009
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There are advantages to free-text tag entry too so I think some people might be sad to see them go away.

For what it is worth, a website that deals with tags in a great way is the personal finance site They have four features in their tag handling that make it very easy to use:

1. Free text entry (you can type "accountant" as a tag for "file taxes")
2. Auto completion (the second time you can type "acc") - that solves the problem with typos, and also minor variation (was my tag for this "kid" or "kids"?)
3. Memory (if you enter "file taxes" another time, it automatically remembers the "accountant" tag
4. Suggestions (this definitely only makes sense in their model - basically if I use the tag "coffee" for my Starbucks credit card entry, it will suggest that tag to you for your Starbucks entry).

Certainly the first two would be applicable to toddledo, though I am sure it is not a minor UI change for the toodledo folks.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 05, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Mar 05, 2009
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It was just yesterday that I put in a plug for this very same feature. I rather generically said that having tags managed the same way as contexts would be nice. I forgot about the ability to string multiples, and yes, that is a feature I sometimes use and would not want to lose at the expense of using a picklist.

I'll add another example to consider. Although I use the Toodledo iPhone app now, I started with Appigo's ToDo. In their tag assignment interface, all tags previously used are listed. You can select as many as you want. At the top of the list is a field where you can type a new entry. That entry then appears with the others in the list. When you're finished in the screen, all selected entries appear comma separated in the tag field.

I don't know how well that would play in a web interface, but it is definitely a consideration for the iPhone app.


Posted: Apr 06, 2009
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I moved to Toodledo from RTM, and there are three features I really miss (two related to UI only, not the overall concept, one might require some additional work):

1) I'd like to have a pick list of tags that I had defined/used so far. This would make tag assignment faster and also safer, because a typo doesn't create a new tag with the misspelled name, for example. Look at RTM and at AppiGo's iPhone app to see what I mean. I'd like to see this picklist on the iPhone and in the Netvibe widget, at least.

I don't see any contradiction between DCEFrance's and frossie's posts: a pick-list could be extended whenever a new tag is explicitly typed in. Again check Appigo's iPhone app.

2) Postponing: I'd like to have a one-tap/click method to postpone a task by one day (postponing by more than one day may remain as it is now: re-assignement)

3) Matrix search/filtering. As it stands now, I can (on the iPhone and in the Netvibes widget) either look into contexts or into tags or into folders. But I cannot easily filter so only items that are in context A AND folder B. A suggestion how to implement a quick and elegant user interface to switch filters on and off would be a 2-dimensional, matrix-like arrangement of all existing folders and contexts, where one could tap/click into cells to activate/deactivate certain combinations.

(BTW: I don't care about any GTD concepts and whether or not a certain use or abuse of tags is in agreement with any GTD philosophy. I think users should develop their own variation and system, and the software should not put unnecessary constraints)

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 06, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestions. You can do #3 already with our advanced search page.

Posted: Apr 07, 2009
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The method Gmail uses to assign labels might be a good compromise between a pick list and the ability to choose multiple tags. In Gmail, clicking on the "Labels" brings up a checkmark list that lets you choose more than option.
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