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Collaborator CAN see "No Folder" but not Shared Folder
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Posted: Oct 21, 2012
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I think this might be a bug as I have checked all the settings. Alternatively, I have just not understood how the Collaboration function works in ToodleDo.

I have a Pro account and am trying to set up a collaboration with my partner, who has a free account.

As he is not the "techy" one, I am setting it up for him on his computer - which is sitting next to me, so I can test things from my perspective and his perspective as I go along.

Initial Collaboration Settings - my "No Folder" tasks are visible to my collaborator:

Although I had shared just one folder as part of the invitation, I was surprised to see that the invitation had automatically also shared all tasks that I had failed to assign to a folder. (These were ones that I had emailed to myself - I can never remember the codes for adding Folders, Goals, etc. )

Viewing the Collaboration settings on my account, I saw that I could uncheck the option to share "No Folder" tasks, so I did this.


Is it a bug that my collaborator could, by default, view all the tasks which I had failed to assign to a folder?

If not a bug, then is it a privacy issue that should be flagged-up, ie. by explaining how to avoid this happening before inviting a collaborator?

Apologies if this should not be flagged as a bug - but it does seem like one.

If anyone reading this has spotted that I might have done something myself to create this situation, please do post to let me know how to make it work properly, ie. so that my collaborator can see the tasks in the folder I have shared.


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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Oct 22, 2012
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When you invite someone to share with you, you have the option of selecting how you want to share your tasks with them. Initially, all the checkboxes are checked, but you can uncheck anything before you begin sharing. You must have forgotten to uncheck the "no folder" folder before saving the changes the first time.
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