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Posted: Nov 03, 2012
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I'd like to find out if Toodledo has this feature - i.e. have a task repeat only until a specific date, not indefinitely / until manually deleted.

I did a search in Help and on the Forum, but so far the only thing I've been able to find out is that this was not possible back in July 2011 (

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Nov 03, 2012
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This is still not available as far as I know.

As time goes on, it has turned into a rare occurrence that you will see a core functionality change made to Toodledo. Reading Toodledo's comments in these forums, it is normally an extreme reluctance to discuss changes other than to acknowledge that the change request has been received.

While the reasons for reluctance to change may be many, I suspect it is because Toodledo is so robust a system that one such change may have a ripple effect throughout their system and the chance of errors may increase. And any changes made affects other vendors' products which sync with Toodledo.

While I am sure Toodledo keeps a tally of requests (I know I would if I were selling such a product), they decline to discuss what their top priorities are. I am sure this is because they don't want to make promises they can't deliver in a timely manner and also because they might not want their competition to know their plans. This cuts both ways in that customers wanting certain features have no idea if or when their requests might happen (or even how popular their request might be), and for core feature requests, Toodledo's competition are probably already working on the same feature implementations themselves if they don't already feature it. Core functionality is by defintion core.

That being said, I enjoy working in Toodledo. I find it the most feature rich task manager for my needs. Using it and Ultimate To Do List on my phone provides a nearly seamless sync for all of my tasks. I simply work around any shortcomings I find. And speaking of Ultimate To Do List, Ultimate has more of an open policy on feature requests, and their users know where feature requests rank, something that I think Toodledo's community as a whole would find enjoyable.

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