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Any update on multi contexts?
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Posted: Mar 04, 2013
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Hi all
I'm sure it's been at least a few years since this was suggested, and i'm surprised it hasn't already because it's so central to the toodledo model

I only have a few contexts:
-Brain (all thinking, outlook, decisions, blah blah goes here)
-Out (everythign that doesn't include work or home. Includes errands etc)
-Computer (this includes phone, making calls/emails, online stuff etc)
-Multi (this is a temp solution)

Despite my contexts being really general, if i want to enter in a task which has multiple subtasks then i can't. The task/project with multiple subtasks is "Sort out uni fees", which includes the contexts "Out"(go to post office to send off forms), "Home"(get birth certificate) and "Computer"(contacts necessary people).

It's hardly worth putting that as a folder because then it won't show up on my widget (i have an Android using Ultimate To Do List) with the associated subtasks written clearly underneath them. It's important that it's shown on my widget as follows, and this is only possible if "Sort out uni fees" is a task:

Sort out uni fees
-Contacts Jim
-Go next door and ask to fill in ID forms
-Get birth certificate
-Visit post office and send off

2 questions:
1) When are multiple contexts going to be implemented?
(and please don't suggest tags :D. It shouldn't have to be a workaround for something that should have been implemented in the very beginning. I already use tags for general areas such as education, career, communication, personal, domestic, etc)
2) What's the point of having subtasks if multiple contexts aren't allowed?
The parent tasks is more likely than not to have multiple contexts

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 04, 2013
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It is not currently possible to have multiple contexts per task. This is unlikely to change soon. My recommendation is to make a combo context called "Out + Home" or a more general version called "Any Context" that you can use in these situations where it can be done in multiple situations.

Posted: Mar 04, 2013
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Thanks but i don't think so. It just makes the system look ugly. my temporary solution is to have a "Multi" context

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