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Question got anyone who uses Chrome...
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Posted: May 14, 2013
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When you enter a search term in the window, do you find the search to be extremely slow?

The first search I do is very slow. If I perform another search (using the same or different search term), the search is very quick. The search will remain quick UNTIL I refresh. Then, the next search is very slow.

Firefox is my main browser, and all searches are extremely quick.

I have an idea it has something to do with some sort of indexing of the tasks, but I just don't have enough knowledge there. Can anyone educate me there?

Posted: May 14, 2013
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Using Chrome version 26.0.1410.64 on Windows XP SP3 with less than 50 toodledo tasks and the search box seems quick to me.

That is, the first and subsequent searches seem to have the same search speed.

Posted: May 15, 2013
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Yup, noticed this today but I use Firefox.
It seems when it is a more complicated search and will have more answers, it seems stuck for 20 seconds or so then answers.

Posted: Jun 17, 2013
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Glad to see that someone else is seeing the same thing. Again, the slowness happens on the FIRST search following a refresh.

With Chrome becoming a more and more popular browser and with more power, this point will become important to more people.
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