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Importing from Astrid
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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jul 08, 2013
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Astrid is another online to-do list that has announced that they are shutting their doors. If you are an Astrid user, you can easily import your data into Toodledo by following these steps:

1) From within your Astrid account, click on your name in the upper right corner and choose "Export your Data" from the menu.
2) Click the "Backup my data" button
3) Wait for the email to arrive
4) Decompress the zip file that is in the email and find the tasks.csv file.
5) On Toodledo, click "Tools" at the top of the page and select "Import/Export/Backup".
6) Select the "CSV Import" option
7) Upload your file into the "CSV Tasks Import" box.
8) On the next page you will be asked to select which columns to import into fields. Here is our recommended choice:
a) Title = Task
b) Due Date = Due Date
c) Importance = Priority
d) Lists = Tag
e) Comments = Notes
9) Click the "Continue with Import" button at the bottom.

There are a few things that will not import (Repeat, Sharing, file attachments to name a few) because they are handled differently between Astrid and Toodledo, so you may need to do a little cleanup, but most of your data will come in just fine.

Posted: Jul 28, 2013
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Before importing the CSV file, you also should do the following things in some spreadsheet editor (Excel, Google Docs, LibreOffice):

- delete all the rows for completed tasks (i.e. the ones that have Completed On field not empty)
- invert the Priority (for example, if Priority column is "F", insert new column "G", select cell G2 enter the formula "=4-F2" and stretch it down to the end of the column)

Posted: Aug 13, 2013
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The Astrid website is no longer open, so I cannot retrieve my data to import it to Toodledo.

I earlier imported the Astrid data to, only to find that cannot be accessed from Windows.

I found Toodledo in my search for a to-do list program accessible from both Windows and Android. I am using Toodledo in Windows with PiToodle in Android.

I am having difficulty following the processes in Toodledo, as it appears to be more sophisticated than my very basic to-do list needs are.

In the Toodledo Windows platform, is there a way to sort the tasks manually by just moving the bar of each one, as it was possible in Astrid? This is an essential feature for me, since I do not assign priority/importance levels or due dates to any of the tasks.

Even without assigning priority/importance levels or due dates to any tasks, I found a heading in the PiToodle view that reads Importance 2. I have not encountered this issue in the Windows platform, but to have the Android view be different from the Windows view does not work for me.

I have searched extensively for a to-do list program with cross-platform access, but have not been successful in finding a workable substitute for Astrid.

All suggestions are welcome.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 13, 2013
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Toodledo does not do manual sorting of tasks. Instead we use priorities, due-dates, stars and other attributes to sort on.

You can manually sort subtasks, if you want to upgrade to a subscription and use that feature. We have a free trial so you can see if that will work for you.
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