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Toodledo & iCal -- anyone using it?
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Posted: Jul 18, 2013
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I've posted on this before, so I won't ask why doesn't this work. I know that tasks and events are not the same thing and Toodledo only really handles tasks. Because of this, tasks in Toodledo that are being used as an event (the DueOn modifier) probably will not show up right in a calendar when exported via iCal (Start/End may be wrong). Tasks, in general, don't make sense on a calendar. Toodledo has said that they will look at this, but they haven't done anything yet (after 1.5 years).

My question is -- has nobody else noticed this? Using Toodledo as a hub for both tasks and events would be quite valuable, but this kind of makes the iCal export useless...

Posted: Jul 26, 2013
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I have spent countless hours on this issue. You cannot presently use iCal or BusyCal if the goal is 2-way synchronization with Toodledo and multiple computers and hand-held devices. My most recent approach is to set up events as a folder on Toodledo, and tasks as a different folder. iOS ezTodo can filter the calendar view by folder (it is the only app of which I am aware of for iOS -- Ultimate To-Do List for other smartphones looked really good in the write-ups), so you are only looking at events for your appointment schedule if that interests you. I am synchronizing with . . . -- you probably don't want to hear this -- Emacs for OSX using a Toodledo lisp plugin / program. I am now setting up contacts and am looking for the best way to handle this. Essentially, my mobile devices and other computers all need to use the same system. Appigo Sync that worked with SyncServices has been discontinued. BusyCal developers are not interested in Toodledo. Your best bet for OSX is going to be TaskUnifier, which is just missing some keyboard shortcuts to be really efficient -- the icons don't have names underneath them on the toolbar, but that is a small price to pay for efficient synchronization with Toodledo on OSX. Spend the 10 or 15 dollars and buy the Toodledo plugin for TaskUnifer -- you won't regret it -- TaskUnifier lets you modify multiple todo all in one fell swoop, which is worth its weight in gold. Todo and 2Do are interesting for OSX, but I'm running a business and need calendar view and 3 levels of sorting criteria. TaskUnifier has calendar view that filters by folder so you can view only events (appointments).

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Posted: Jul 28, 2013
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I'm just basically looking for a nice calendar view of my events - something that I could easily show to my (non-tech) wife and daughter. I'm using (or trying to use) Toodledo as my hub as I can access it from anywhere via the web to add my tasks/events. I'm also trying to use iCal export to Google Calendar. The problem is two-fold:

1. Toodledo does not really support events -- you can try to fake it with the DueOn modifier, but all tasks/events will be exported to the calendar if they have a Start/Due (or Length/Due) which can make for a messy calendar if you're only interested in a calendar with true events. Some tasks have a Start when you begin working on it (like working on the pool beginning in June), but these tasks are not something you want to show up on the calendare as an event.

2. Using DueOn, the typical use-case would be to mark (say) the start of a meeting as DueOn a particular date and add the Length of the meeting so you'll know how long you'll be busy. Unfortunately, Toodledo computes Start for the iCal export as DueOn-Length and, so, the calendar is not right (your 1hr meeting shows as starting 1hr early). You can shift to setting the proper meeting Start and Due times in Toodledo (more work), but then Alarm becomes more problematic (you're 1hr meeting reports as being in 3hrs instead of 2).

Looks like I'll have to shift to something else for calendars... :-(
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