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Posted: Apr 16, 2009
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Having read this forum for a while now, I have two suggestions for the left nav bar.

1. People are clearly not finding their way to the settings. While some of this is users being users, I think the fact that they are under "Account settings" is a contributing factor. By analogy to other websites, I think people expect to find stuff relating to their account management (eg password changes, email address, subscription) and not things that configure "the software" so they just don't go there. I would suggest leaving the aforementioned in "Account Settings" and having a "Preferences" Tab that has things that relate to toodledo usage (eg week starts on Monday, fields used etc). If that is too much work, just changing the Account Settings label to Preferences I think would direct more people to them.

2. Help is in the smallest font possible, and mushed in with News. I would suggest Help go with and just above "Sign Out" in the normal navbar font.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 16, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion.
Vin Thomas

Posted: Apr 16, 2009
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I agree. it would be nice to have it called preferences or something more intuitive. Another thing that sorta threw me off was having the mobile settings within import/export/sync. That to me should go in account settings/preferences.
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