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Is there a Kanban view of tasks using Status as lanes?
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Posted: Dec 18, 2013
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Is there any tool or way to view a set of tasks (saved search/otherwise) in a Kanban type of view? I'd love it if the Status' could map to columns, and I suppose folders or parent tasks for lanes. It would be great to have a visual view of projects/tasks (tasks/subtasks or folders/tasks) and be able to visually drag/drop tasks into various states.

Posted: Dec 19, 2013
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I'm also very interested in this. Let me make a suggestion to all those developers out there: spend time on this instead of yet another android app or desktop app. Someone with html5 skills could implement all this rather easily while also incorporating offline support. I'd be a paying subscriber to that (note to Toodledo: adding this to your lineup and I'd be Platinum in a second).

I played around with TileTabs in Firefox ( to achieve a column layout (using the But for now I settle for the row layout iso of the column layout (though this does impose a "mental" cost every time).

Posted: Feb 08, 2014
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I too would love to have this. At the moment I'm running my big list in Toodledo and then selecting stuff to move to one of a number of Trello boards. It would be great to do it all in one board.

All I'd need is the primary statuses (planning, next, active, completed) to be viewable as columns.

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Posted: Apr 09, 2014
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Here is another vote for a Kanban view. I agree with nick about using the status for the column titles. There is just something very nice about being able to see tasks spatially on a board that list views can't give you.

Posted: Jun 22, 2014
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Another vote. Should be relatively simple to implement this view and have it look to any number of fields for defining the columns. We wouldnt have a true "free" structure of trello, where you can define on the fly, but I think that would actually be better.
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