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Only 1 ticket per day - seriously???
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Posted: Jan 27, 2014
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Posted by Salgud:
I fear that Jake is one stubborn so-and-so, and will keep his eye steadily on the prize, just as any smart entrepreneur would do.
Don't be afraid. ;-)

I agree with your basic premise: Jake is a business owner who is doing what he thinks will improve his results. I don't know how profitable the company is but Jake's business model has been successful in the sense that Toodledo is one of the most popular online task managers.

I also agree with this: Railing at Jake is pointless.
As long as enough people pay to use Toodledo, Jake will continue with his current approach.

BTW, Google what Strother Martin actually said.
And it's Brigitte ...

Posted: Jan 27, 2014
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Posted by aleding:

Really - so it's profit issue??? LAFF...yeah, it's such a profitable idea that all the other tech companies do the same thing - start-ups too!!!!

Try again chief...

So you're saying everyone's doing it because it's not profitable?

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Posted: Jan 27, 2014
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Posted by Salgud:
It appears to me, though Jake may not want to say so outright, that he has decided the best way to increase profits is to expand TD horizontally rather than vertically, which means adding entirely new features, like Lists and Outlines, alongside TD's already considerably extensive task management features, and give relatively little effort to adding depth.

Having added new features, development efforts appear to be going more to giving some depth and better integration of these new features than to development of the task management side...

While this may be off topic, it seems this is where this thread is going. I am another long term user (always paid, and always at the highest level to support the "team"), that is sad to see the direction that Toodledo seems to have chosen.

I want to see the task management protocols deepened and developed: task dependency, sub-subtasks, even project management with Gantt charts, etc.

I do not need lists or outlines, and don't see that I ever will. I can definitely see that some people do want these things, but not all of us do. people have been saying, for as long as I have used the product (years and years) that they want the things that I mention above, as well as other task processing tools. please don't spend too much time with lists and outlines, evernote and other programs do it better. if need be, work on ways to integrate. other programs have...

thanks for listening...

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Posted: Mar 10, 2014
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I'd hoped Jake or one of the others would've officially chimed in yea or nay on my suggestion on all Feature Requests going in the forum (labeled as such in the title) rather than through the ticketing system. Since that hasn't happened, I'm going to try to start a movement on my own & welcome all readers here to join me!

See ya on the new "[FR] Feature Requests" thread...
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