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Posted: Apr 28, 2009
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love how the views can be customised etc.
The love can be bigger when

1. we can save views (columsn placing, sizing, sorting, filtering)
> some setups I use more often, would be great if i can easily switch to a certain display instead of rearranging

2. default views can be set per 'view by'
> i have some defaults I prefer. If rearranging another screen, it's not perse that I want that arrangement in the other views

3. sorting can be done for all columns by clicking a column header), eg star can now only be reached via the sorting menu
4. all views that can be sorted on can be viewed, eg importance
> In both cases, allow for easy sorting without having to pull up a sorting screen. For complex sorting (multilevel), another menu is fine.

5. all columns can be rearranged, eg the current icons for notes and trash are always on the right
6. we can rename columns (some name can be smaller)
7. columns with fixed values (prio, status) can be shown using the full value names (currently) or with an abbreviation (eg prio by number of !, or just the number, status by a shortcode). The full name can be shown using mouse oevr tips. And perhaps even shorten the Tomorrow
> Optimize the layout, cater for smaller screens

Appreciate how you incorporate suggestions from users, big and small. The list on is impressive.
Hope the points above will make it to that publication in a not too far future.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 28, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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