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New Idea - 'next steps'
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Posted: Jul 25, 2014
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I was thinking about this last night - and thought I would share this as a new idea for a future version of Toodledo.

In the GTD book, there is the idea of the status - "Next Action" and "Waiting" - which is good, but its easy to forget about the Waiting status items.

So my idea is to chain items together (using the sub-tasks item)- with the ability to create a chain of tasks. Then, When a "next action" task is marked as complete, the next "waiting" task is changed to "Next action".

Take the example of "Cleaning the garage" in the GTD book. The steps mentioned in the book were we he says "I have to clean the garage, but there is that large fridge, maybe Jo wants it, so next step is ask joe if he wants the fridge".

In ToodleDo - you could create a list of tasks as follows:

1) Ask Joe if he wants the fridge - status of NEXT ACTION
2) Get joe to pick up fridge, or sell/ditch the fridge - Status of waiting
3) Buy cleaning materials for cleaning the garage - status waiting
4) Clean the garage - status of waiting

So on a general list view (filtered on Next Action), on "Ask joe if he wants the fridge appears". But, as soon as this is ticked as complete, item 2 "Get joe to pick up fridge, or sell/ditch the fridge" gets changed to NEXT ACTION, and automatically appears on the regular view.

What do others think?

Posted: Jul 25, 2014
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Search for "task dependency" in the forums and you'll find several topics, some from 2008.

Here's a long discussion that started on January 1, 2011:

Two relevant posts:
Posted by jeff.covey
This has been discussed by many people and promised for many years. I do hope it will finally happen.
Posted by gstarrett
Would love to see dependencies on tasks -- specifically if the "waiting" status could be tripped to "next action" once it's dependent task(s) are done!

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Posted: Jul 25, 2014
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A simpler solution to forgetting "Waiting" tasks, is to put them in your weekly review. If you don't do a weekly review, add a weekly repeating task, "Review waiting tasks". Then you won't forget. This is one of TD's best features, it can remind you to do tasks you might otherwise forget!

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