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2 Fixes Toodledo URGENTLY Needs
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Posted: May 02, 2009
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I like toodledo, but playing around with it today there are two absolutely ESSENTIAL problems that need to be fixed:

1/ When looking at the To Do list in the grid setting it cuts off the end of the words in the task rather then word wrapping it down so that all the words are visible (as for example this forum post does when it reaches the end of a line)

For example:

I have one task which reads:

Make sure to 'Clean the grill' and make sure to tidy up loose ends at the end of every 50 minute session

But I can only actually see:

Make sure to 'Clean the grill' and make sure to tidy up loose ends at the end of every

In practice this makes the grid display unuseable, unless you change the way your brain works, and dramatically shorten the length of every thought you have.

Not very likely. So this urgently needs to be fixed.

It should simply word-wrap to the next line down so that all the text is visible.

2/ Because of problem 1 above it also makes the 'Booklet' feature unusable, because the same problems persists.

ie Instead of word wrapping at the end of a task it instead has ...


Make progress on the Anderson project with Jaso...
Consider which brand of canoe to buy Philips or...

Which is ridiculous.

I rate these as fundamental fixes.

The grid view is much better to see everything at a glance, but currently I simply can't use it, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to read my tasks.

The same goes for the booklet.

Please fix these problems.



Posted: May 02, 2009
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It sounds to me like you are trying to put too much into the titles of your tasks. IMO, that it what the notes are for. However, as you mentioned, you have a right to have your brain work any way you like. So, did you know that the width of each column in grid view is customizable? You can click the little "Edit column order/width" icon. If you really want the titles to be that long it may push everything else off the screen edge to the right, but you could do it. For me the grid view is all about making everything fit on one row, and word wrap would completely defeat that purpose. In the long run you may want to consider using the notes field more. You can then easily toggle them on and off to see the details.

As for the booklet, I think there are a lot of things that need to be spruced up there. This would not be at the top of my list personally, but I agree improvements are needed there.

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Posted: May 03, 2009
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By using wordwrap, all the taskinfo would still be on the same row, only the row is a bit larger.
Although I don't have that long task titles I can image that sometimes I may have and would indeed like to see the full task title and not have it cut off.

Posted: May 03, 2009
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What I really meant was one line, not one row. I have a very small screen on my netbook, and like to be able to cram as much as possible onto it. It wouldn't kill me if there was word wrap, but honestly, I am opposed to it. Why not just use the notes field? What is the point of such long titles anyway? If I see the word "and" in a task title that immediately rings a bell that either it is a project, in need of subtasks, or I am just putting to much detail in. In the grid view the notes conveniently open right below each task.

Edit: I just wanted to make sure I don't come across as trying to tell you guys how to work your tasks. If word wrap is something that would really help some people, that's fine. I could live with it. I was just trying to suggest maybe trying out the notes field for some of the more extensive details, and I wanted to make sure Stuart knew about the column width settings.

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Posted: May 03, 2009
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Hi Guys,

Yes. I tried that. But it only extends up to a certain length and no further (which I have already done)

The point is that I approached Toodledo from the perspective of GTD, so made a list of all the stuff I had to do, and then imported it.

I now have a list of 408 tasks, many of which I cannot see in the grid setting.

I personally think a word wrap feature is absolutely essential.

Otherwise the software gets in the way of actually doing the task its intended to do.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 04, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion for adding an optional word-wrap on grid layout. There are a few work-arounds right now.

1) Switch to multi-line layout, which was designed for people with long tasks who want to see all of them.

2) Hover your mouse over the long task name. After a second, a popup will appear with the entire task name.
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