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Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 04, 2009
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It has always been our policy to read and honestly respond to every question or suggestion that we receive within 1 business day. For a small company like us, where the actual developers are answering questions, this is pretty cool (if we do say so ourselves). This open communication policy has received a lot of praise and is often touted as one of our competitive advantages.

When we were small, it was easy to follow this policy. As we have grown (thanks everyone!) it has become a challenge to respond to everything within 1 business day. We occasionally can't get to everyone within 1 day. We now spend about a third of our time communicating with our customers. Which is great! We love talking with the people who are using our product. But it means that we have less time to work on the actual site and make it better for everyone. If we continue to grow (fingers crossed), this will become even more of a challenge.

So, until we figure out how to solve this problem, we are going to relax our response policy to 2 business days. We hope everyone understands.

There are a number of people in these forums who have been very helpful with answering questions and helping us out. Thanks! It really does help.

One more thing to mention, if you need urgent help: Support Tickets are the fastest way to reach us, and Subscribers get priority attention with their support tickets. To save us time, please post your question in only one place (forums, support ticket or email, but not all three).


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