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Overide "Show All" to show subtasks when searching parent tasks
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Neal B

Posted: Jan 28, 2015
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Come on, Toodledo! When are you going to fix this?

I've finally decided to buy a subscription to get access to SUBTASKS. Imagine my EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT to find out that no matter what method is used to search for Tasks with Subtasks, we users must ALWAYS click another link to see the subtasks. This includes the very nice search criteria "Has Subtasks" "Yes", but also searching for my own project identifiers "Context" "is" "*Project" and "Priority" "is" "-1 Negative"

I find it INCREDIBLE that this has NOT BEEN FIXED. It's wonderful that you give away so much of the product to use. There's only a few key features to prompt a subscription, and I'd be surprised if Subtasks isn't the main one. Why then has this not been fixed so that those who pay to upgrade are completely happy?

My ANGUISH grew when I realized that this same request has been made REGULARLY for SEVEN YEARS.

Even this EXTREMELY SIMPLE and reasonable recommendation from 2008 has not been implemented:
When subtasks are hidden in search results, it would be better to have the "Show All" link next to the subtask icon, so the user wouldn't have to move the mouse across the screen each time.

I have discovered an unsatisfactory workaround. I can add "Is Subtask" "Yes" as an Or sub-criteria, and then change the search results Show Subtasks: setting to "Indented". This does show all the subtasks, nicely grouped under the parent task. However, there are 2 major and 1 minor problem with this workaround.

Major Problem 1: The Show settings cannot be made retentive like Sort settings can. This means that when I switch to or from searching for Parent Tasks (projects), I must MANUALLY change the Show Subtasks: setting, This must be done EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Major Problem 2: The search results do not display properly in iOS as there is not an "Indented" option. This means I have to create and manage TWO searches: one for Windows and one for iOS.

Minor Problem 3: The Parent Tasks / Subtasks are shown expanded. It would be nice to have them initially expanded or collapsed.


1. I think the best solution is to make the Show attributes retentive by list. This would have A LOT of value in many other ways.

2. Both Sort and Show attributes should sync to other platforms. It's tolerable that they can only be set at the browser version, but they really should copy to apps.

3. As a bonus request, fields used should sync across platforms. At least there should be an option to do this. However the field order must be platform specific, as on the iOS the first fields are the ones that also show their values in the task lists.

To end on a positive note, one search feature that does work PERFECTLY, is my "No Next Actions" search. Since I identify projects with the Context field, I do this:
"Check Off" "No"
"Context" "Is" "*Project"
"Has Subtasks" "No"

I then get a list of EVERY project needing a next action. WOW! It works PERFECTLY.

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 28, 2015
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Thanks for the feedback. This is still on our todo list.

Posted: Feb 07, 2015
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Second this

Posted: Feb 22, 2015
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I'll second this too! Very important!
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