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Posted: Apr 02, 2015
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I wanted to check if you plans for improving how goals are handled in toodledo and creating goal driven tasks.

For tracking tasks including for very complex projects with collaborators, IMO toodledo beats all the competitors hands down.

However, I have long wanted a goal driven task list. So not just tracking and responding to a todo list but making sure time is spent on the things that really pull us forward in life to reach our most important goals.

With a more complex life and handling tasks from many different areas (work projects, household projects, personal projects), it can be hard to make sure we are really accomplishing what we want to do vs responding to the many things that "need" to be done. And many systems including GTD just don't address this well enough.

Having toodledo be able to highlight goals and goal progress and goal driven tasks would solve this.
Which means having those important goals (building a new business/area of business, improving health, becoming financially independent - e.g. not needing not work, etc.) and the progress being made (or not made) on them be very visible. This is not just having some folders/projects with tasks which can easily get lost or pushed out of the way by tasks that "need" to be done now and having in our head try to keep these life improving tasks different somehow.

One of the programs I like best for goal driven tasks is Goals On Track. However, it does not handle a larger list of tasks as well as toodledo does. So I am faced with doing some things there and some in toodledo. Some of the great features Goals On Track uses that I wish were in Toodledo:
--All tasks can say what % of the goal will be accomplished when the task is completed. Same with subgoals (tasks show subgoal completion % and subgoals show goal completion %).

-- A Dashboard view can be seen that shows the goals & progress made, the tasks, and the habits. Tasks can be filtered by time period (today/this week), so on one screen is the motivation to work on that goal (goal progress) and today's work to do. Colors are used for priorities and tags can be used to identify the goal one is working on.

So the entire day is focused on working on what will move the critical goals forward and not getting dragged off on other tasks. OR at least being aware how much time / effort is being given to the critical goals that will move the person forward in the areas of life they really want progress in.

Is there any plans to do something similar to toodledo?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 02, 2015
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Yes, our todo list contains a number of ideas for how to improve goals in the future.
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