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How to Mute Toodledo Alarms?
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Posted: Apr 25, 2015
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Is there a way to temporarily mute Toodledo alarms? I have been repeatedly mortified over the years by Toodledo alarms sounding under totally unacceptable circumstances, despite my having activated "silent mode" on iPhone, iPad, etc. I realize that this is a terrible shortcoming on the part of iOS, that there seems to be no way to reliably silence these darn devices (no, the relatively new feature of "Do Not Disturb" seems totally useless as well), but isn't there a way to resolve this from Toodledo's side? I really am afraid to set up any Toodledo alarms by now, because there seems to be no way to mute them when your device is put into silent mode.

Thank you for your advice.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 27, 2015
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First, when you put your device into Silent mode, it does silence the Toodledo alarms. At least it does on my phone. If it is malfunctioning on your device then it is an OS issue, not Toodledo. However you can work around this by going into the Toodledo app, go into the settings section and under "date alarms" turn this setting off when you don't want to get them anymore. You could also go into Apple's settings app and go into the "Notification Center" and turn Sounds off for Toodledo when you want them to be muted.

Posted: Apr 28, 2015
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Thank you for those alternative suggestions, Jake. I'll be exploring them. It may be one of the iPads that's giving me the trouble, rather than the iPhone. I usually have both the iPhone and at least one iPad at hand, so it's sometimes difficult to locate the device from which the disturbing alarm sound originated. (I may set up a different alarm sound on every device to troubleshoot this – that would make it clear.)

The issue may well be that the iPad has no dedicated "mute" button. At least iPad Air doesn't have it anymore, and on my older iPads, I use that former hardware button to lock screen orientation, not to mute sounds. However, prior to every meeting, I make sure to mute sounds all the way down manually with the "volume down" button on all of my handheld devices, and I also mute my iPhone using the hardware switch... to no avail! It's happened several times already for the disturbing Toodledo alarm sound to screech from one of my devices in the midst of an important meeting with clients, etc. It's definitely mortifying.

Yes, disabling Toodledo alarms for good is possible, but it's not that I don't wish to use Toodledo alarms. They are very welcome, just not in the midst of important meetings, funerals, concerts, while taking a nap, etc. For occasions like these, users need an easy way to disable all sounds from the darn mobile devices temporarily. Apple is 100% to blame for this, because even the "Do Not Disturb" setting (let alone the hardware switch on the iDevice) does not guarantee that the darn device will remain truly silent. In contrast, muting devices does work reliably on my Android phones and tablets.

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