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Posted: Sep 08, 2015
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I'd really like to be able to mark a repeating task "not done, but repeat in normal rotation"
for example, I have "Write in journal once a week" as a goal. The task is then, "journalling" and repeats weekly from completion date.
I am now months overdue and would like to be able to "reset" the due date for this task to a week from today, WITHOUT marking it as having been done.
Obviously, I can manually reset the due date for each task, but this is tedious.
Is there a way to mark a task as "not done", like there is in habits?

Posted: Sep 08, 2015
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Take a look at "optionally on":
You can also designate a task as optional (abbreviated with a "?"). This acts like "=", but if the date passes and you have not completed the task, the task will be automatically removed, or moved forward if it is a repeating task.
This is close to what you're looking for but you won't have a record of tasks that were "not done".

Posted: Sep 09, 2015
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I'm testing this now. thanks!

Posted: Sep 09, 2015
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Is there the possibility of (say) using IFTTT for (part of) this? That is, have IFTTT scan for tasks that were not done (ie. tasks that were due before today) and tag them as NOTDONE (or NDmmddyy), then let the optional mechanism mentioned above pick up the task and move it forward if desired. Later, a reporting tool could be put into place to show tasks marked with NDmmddyy to give the user a sense of how often they did *not* do the task.

Posted: Sep 10, 2015
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That sounds reasonable, but I'm not sure I have the skill for it :(

Posted: Sep 13, 2015
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The IFTT idea would end up creating a lot of tags if you included dates! I'm not sure exactly what you have in mind to do with the "not done" dates so two possibilities come to mind. Maybe one will work for you...

Set up the Optionally on for your Journaling task with a recurrence of Weekly, either from Completion or Due Date, whichever fits. Check it off or not as appropriate THEN:

1. Use Search to show when you have done the task & you can probably easily identify weekly dates missing from the list.


2. Create a corresponding task "Didn't Journal" with an optional Due Date & Weekly recurrence settings that match your Journaling task & complete one of the two each week. This approach would work better with recurrence from Due Date rather than Completion Date.

Again, since you didn't say what you're trying to accomplish with the non-completion tracking, that's the best I could think of. If you give us a little more detail, we might be able to come up with additional methods.

Posted: Sep 14, 2015
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Maybe better to use the Habit section for a repetitive task that you want to mark as done on not done. I assume that the Habit section records and analysis would capture this. Hope I am not wrong since I have not started using the Habits section yet.
Check it out.
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