ForumsQuestionsIs the new layout way slower for everyone, or just me?

Is the new layout way slower for everyone, or just me?
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Posted: Sep 15, 2015
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Before I post a bug, I'd like to see if this is just something we're expected to live with...

I've been gone on vacation for two weeks and have returned to this new layout ... which takes many time longer to load than it did before. It was sub-second before and now it's sometimes up to 20 seconds.

So is this new layout a resource hog or is this just me?

Posted: Sep 15, 2015
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Been away on vacation and also returned and its at the same speed as before, maybe a bit faster

Any extensions been updated that are interfering with your system?

Posted: Sep 16, 2015
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For me it's the same as it was a few months ago.

Posted: Sep 17, 2015
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For me it is the same, I mean I haven't noticed any change of speed.
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