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We Need Examples of Search Criteria
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Posted: Mar 06, 2016
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Hi All,

I have been a user of ToodleDo for about 5 years and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. I’ve used simple search criteria for saved searches. I understand Boolean logic with AND / OR statements etc. However, why have I just spent the last 1 ½ hour on a Sunday Morning with my coffee struggling to create a simple search with subtasks???

ToodleDo tease us with subtask criteria (Is Subtasks…Has subtasks) but I can’t get it to work ever! I went to the FAQ help area for this topic and it was too superficial for someone actually attempting to get results. Here’s my suggestion. We need visual examples of criteria that can generate search results. Screen shots of syntax that can be modeled.

Example: “To search for subtasks in 2 of 4 specific Parent tasks that have the context of XXX” Then, here’s what the syntax should be (Screenshot). Visually show us how you built it properly in the Advanced Search screen so users can model their criteria to fit the example.

Speaking for myself (and I’m sure others would appreciate it), 4 or 5 examples would probably go LIGHTYEARS in helping many of us to take advantage of the powerful features ToodleDo has to offer.

Thanks for considering!

Posted: Mar 07, 2016
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Sounds like a great idea to me. I think it would be very useful if TD created a new forum for it, so we wouldn't have to spend hours searching other forums to find Search Criteria. I would certainly post some of mine, and be very interested in seeing what others have done. Maybe suggest in the first post a standard format for Search Criteria. I've always used

Task | Contains | XXXX

But I'm open to any clear format.

TD Search Criteria are tricky because they don't have full Boolean search capabilities, and working around that can be very challenging. This would help immensely!

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Mar 07, 2016
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We'll think about this. In the meantime, if you can post here or in a support ticket what you are trying to search for we can offer some suggestions.
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