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Multi-select -> Batch Edit (Drag and drop request revisted)
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Posted: Apr 17, 2016
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Processing tasks can be a pain and any click-savings would be helpful. Drag and drop selection of folder/context/status would be best but likely impossible due to recent changes. Instead add the following:

1. "Marked" column that allows a user to select items for batch editing
- Marked items are unmarked if the view is switched
- Button to "mark all" would be helpful
2. "Batch edit marked items" function
- Once batch edit is saved all items become unmarked
3. "Batch edit unmarked items" function
4. Make it possible to quickly pick context, folder and status for marked items from outside the batch edit functionality

Lengthy explanation:

I've been a Toodledo user off and on for many years. Like many I have saved searches setup to help me focus on just what can be done at any given moment. The problem I face is that managing the tasks that make those searches work can become cumbersome and I wind up going off Toodledo for some period of time.

Last weekend I once again found myself with a ton of tasks in my head that had no home and decided to test out Trello again and had great success getting through the week. Unfortunately Trello does not make managing projects all that easy for me as one I get into many boards things become cumbersome.

Upon reflection I realized my success really came down to it's drag and drop functionality. It's so much easier to drag a task from one list to another than to click a drop down and then click a new folder/context/status. I really love the task management features of Toodledo but the effort it takes to move items from one status to another on a daily basis stops me once I have too many things in the system.

I have a feeling implementing drag and drop would be really difficult given changes to the side bar so I thought of something that might be just as helpful: multi-select for batch edits. I envision each task having a circle or some such that can be marked and remains so only in the present view or until a batch edit of marked items is completed.

For example at the end of the day I might switch into my folder view, sorted by status. I quickly scan everything and pick out (mark) the next action in each folder that does not already have one assigned. I'd then choose "Batch Edit Marked Items", modify the status and save changes. After saving the edit, everything selected is unmarked and the appropriate status applied.

In the past I've used a similar method via the star functionality but the process becomes clumsy when I then have to switch to my "has star" saved search, use the existing batch edit functionality making sure to unset the star attribute and then switch back to my original view. It also means I can't use the star as a true attribute.

Say my Inbox search finds five items. Items 1, 3 and 5 need the same context applied, items 3 and 4 need to have a deferred start date, all items except 4 need to have a status of next action and items 2 and 4 need to be added to a specific folder.

Using just the grid editor I'd have to click 47 times, whereas multi-select requires 35. This could further be reduced by 2 clicks were a "mark all" function available. The click savings is greater when editing tasks in a native (non-search) view as in those views one has to continually select search -> "stars" prior to making the batch edit and then go back to the original view. Further click savings could be found by adding a "Batch Edit Unmarked Items".

In my end of day example the savings is only 3 clicks but the process seems less clunky as I'm not having to switch views to accomplish the edit and I have the star back as an actual attribute and not just a selection indicator.

Even better than the existing batch edit would be a quicker way to assign context/folder/status. Perhaps adding "pick context", "pick folder" and "pick status" focused batch edits would help. Choosing "pick context" would present a list of contexts, choosing one would apply the context and unmark the items. This saves having to find the context area in batch edit, click the check mark, pull down the drop down and click save, 1 click instead of 4.

Toodledo is a powerful service and my hope is that after the redesign is completed some focus can be put on making its complexity quicker to use.
Adrien Beau

Posted: Apr 18, 2016
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This is an excellent proposal for improvement. The ability to batch-edit selected items (along with shortcuts such as the Windows-standard control-clic to select disparate items, and shift-clic to select a continuous range) would be a huge step forward for Toodledo.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 18, 2016
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Thanks for the suggestion. We'll think about it.

Posted: Apr 24, 2016
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Posted by Adrien Beau:
This is an excellent proposal for improvement. The ability to batch-edit selected items (along with shortcuts such as the Windows-standard control-clic to select disparate items, and shift-clic to select a continuous range) would be a huge step forward for Toodledo.

For those TD subscribers who have a huge number of tasks, having the ability to pick and edit a number of discrete (unrelated) tasks in one step, without going through multiple steps for editing each task in turn, would be a great convenience.
The current batch-edit is good but requires an exercise in mental gymnastics. :)

This message was edited Apr 24, 2016.

Posted: Apr 25, 2016
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This is one I don't understand what has taken so long, other than the addition of Lists, Outlines & Habits. It's almost universally desired by users at all levels, and it appears to be easy to implement, just put a hollow square at the right end of the attribute columns, (opposite the hollow circle to mark complete), and an option in the Batch Edit dialog to "edit selected".

Posted: Apr 25, 2016
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I like the " marked " column idea also .
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