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Make Folder View work like Manage Folders for Archived Folders
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Posted: Jun 25, 2009
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I have a number of projects that have gone dormant. I want to keep them nicely tucked out of sight until they become active again. The way I would do this in the physical world is to put the folders in a box and put the box into storage. Thus, I don't see the folder(s) until I go get them from the storage area (i.e. the archive).

To do this in Toodledo, I go into Manage Folders, select Archived for the folder I want to archive, then click Save Changes. Sweet - the folder is hidden.

Then, I go to my To Do list, and the folder is still visible. Not sweet. To me, I shouldn't see archived folder anywhere (except Search) unless I reaactivate the folder using Manage Folders. Yes my archived folder still has un-completed tasks. So? I archived the folder because the underlying project is on hold for the forseeable future. When it becomes active, I want to pick back up where I was with my "active" tasks. Just like in the real world, I shouldn't have to complete my work to "archive it". I just want to put it in the archive and get it out of my line of thought. Like the wise GTD master says ... "Mind like water" :)

I can't for the life of me figure out why one would only want the folder name hidden in the Manage Folders view while keeping the name of the archived folder(s) visible in the the Folder view and in the folder picklist, but I suppose it is possible. Nevertheless, would you please be so kind as to add an option for the rest of us that want archived folders to be hidden out if sight?

Thank you!

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Posted: Jun 25, 2009
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Understand what you want. Here is link of how TD says it works
Seems like it is still showing/displaying bec you have tasks/subtasks that are "not completed" - they are really pending or in suspense.

Until TD might consider this a priority (and for me personally it'd be quite low as I do not use Folders for Projects and only have 9 Folders and none that I'd want to archive/hide) here is a suggestion:
The ones that you do not want to see or get out of the way, rearrange you list of folders and put these at the bottom so they will display at the far right of your screen and be easier to ignore. However I can imagine that if you have 40 folders that they wrap in some way and that you still end up with a lot of screen clutter.

The only other thing I might suggest is to search on all the tasks that are incomplete and tag them "remove this tag when you unarchive me" and then mark all of these as "complete". This will satisfy the TD requirement for them to NOT display; and then reverse the process and remove that tag when you want them. Of course I'd export everything before undertaking this just in case "restoring" things to an uncompleted status does not work as smoothly as I'd hope.

Good luck, Edward

Posted: Jun 25, 2009
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I would search for all tasks in the Folder that have an active status, and then change their status to Hold or Postponed. The status really shouldn't be active if the tasks are not. Those statuses will hide the tasks from your views unless you turn off.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 26, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion to make archived folders optionally hidden even if they have active tasks. I have put this on our to-do list.
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