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Posted: Jun 24, 2017
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One thing that might make me switch from using Toodledo after years, is it's lack of good support for recurring tasks. I always find myself try to use this for planning but if I have a daily tasks marked as recurring everyday then I would expect to see it listed for everyday, even days in the future.

So if I have 10 things do to that recur daily then and I look at my list tomorrow to see what I have to do, it will display nothing as if I have nothing to do tomorrow. When in fact I have those 10 things to do but they won't show up for tomorrow until I mark them as complete today.

I like how Google Calendar works where if you Mark something as daily it will show up on your calendar for everyday so you can better plan. I'm in need of this so I'm starting to look for better alternatives now. Toodledo has served me well but it hasn't improved much in a long time so I'm going to be searching for something that is more actively improved to keep up with user needs and request.

Posted: Jun 24, 2017
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Good idea. This would provide a better way of allocating future time slots, especially if the feature is selectable per task, similar to how we can currently select whether a task repeats from the due date or from the completion date. Even better would be the option to select how far into the future the repeating task is displayed.

FWIW, Google Calendar is not a task manager, although some people use it as such. There's Google Tasks, without the ability to create repeating tasks, and there's Google Reminders. Neither one has the ability to assign priority or the other fields that are available in Toodledo.

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Posted: Jun 25, 2017
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I can see the sense and use case for what you are requesting, however in some 'use cases' this causes a miserable problem.
Eg, I set up 5 routine recurring tasks that I want to do everyday. In Google Calendar it fills up every day slot to perpetuity. Therefore in the month at a glance view no other appointments, events, birthdays, holidays are visible, A terrible clutter that gives me a headache.

What is really required is a checkbox operation to decide which tasks show/repeat in a third party calendar. You can then block of some and show others, as per your preference.
The Android app 'Ultimate To Do' List has this ability, so it is technically possible. Depends on the priority and 'to do list' of TD.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 26, 2017
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If we were to show every future version of a repeating task, some lists on Toodledo would contain a large number of copies of the same task. For example. if you looked at a specific folder that happened to have a daily repeating task, would you want to see that task copied a bunch of times with every future date? Or if you were looking at the "Next 30 Days" list would you want to see that task copied 30 times?

I can see the desire to see the task if you are specifically looking at the "today" or "tomorrow" list or if you click 1 specific day from the calendar, but even then, it becomes complicated. What happens if you check off a repeating task for a future date when dates in the past have not yet been completed? Do you keep those older uncompleted tasks on previous days or do you assume that if you did it today, yesterday's version of that task doesn't matter anymore. Should it get deleted or completed?

This really gets at one of the fundamental differences between a to-do list with tasks that get rescheduled, and a calendar with events that repeat. Its subtle but slightly incompatible.
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