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Moving lots of tasks to subtask ...
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Posted: Jul 01, 2017
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Can't figure this out ...
let's say I have 30 (or 100) tasks. I want to drag them all to be child/sub tasks of a parent task.
how do I do this without dragging each one?

and ...
while I am at it - since I tried doing a custom search/batch edit (thought I could)
I isolated the 30 tasks I want to be child tasks
but there was no way for me, via batch edit to move these under a specific parent task.

this has got to be either simple, or impossible.

What am I missing??



Posted: Jul 02, 2017
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This may be possible by exporting the tasks to Excel, making changes there, and re-importing? Just thinking out loud.

Posted: Jul 02, 2017
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It would be nice to have kind of 'Selection mode' after choosing the proper option in the upper right menu, where we could select as many tasks we want from currently displayed list and perform various operations like changing Folders, Tasks etc., including draging into parrent task or deleting.

This message was edited Jul 02, 2017.

Posted: Jul 03, 2017
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The only way I have ever found to do this is through a 3rd party app called "Ultimate To-do List". Not a very elegant answer to your question. I totally agree there should be a method to independently choose records and move them accordingly.

What I do to get around that lack of functionality is to make Parent Tasks in a single folder called "Today", "This Week", "Soon" and then I can drag child tasks from one parent task to another. I hate clicking on multiple drop down fields to do anything.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jul 03, 2017
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There is not currently a way to batch move a bunch of tasks into a new parent task. You'll need to drag each one. Sorry.

Posted: Jul 03, 2017
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I first asked about multi-select 4 years ago this October and when I did I pointed out that people had been asking for that feature on these forums for more than five years.

I last requested it just over a year ago.

Is there any plan to implement multi-select? I think that we can find public requests for it going back 9 or more years now.
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