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Ipad sync last used months ago overwrites latest web & iPhone
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Posted: Aug 12, 2017
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This has happened repeatedly over the last couple years (only because I don't use my iPad often).
Support says sync problems happen rarely but I think this happens regularly and want to hear from anyone else who has run into it so maybe support will fix it.

I have filed support tickets each time but they kat give the standard answers on how to sync including wiping out the iPad with web page info and leave me an hour of cleanup hoping I didn't lose any tasks.

I don't use my iPad often (web page and iPhone are used almost daily). iPad is used for a few days then maybe once a week or once every few months then used regulaly fir a while.

I opened toodledo on the iPad today, let it sync and then looked at my tasks todo today (date less than tomorrow so it catches older items). Last night there were no overdue due dates and all yesterday's due dates on incomplete tasks had been changed to today.
Instead of the 8 items I expected there were about 70 tasks. Due date is back in June or mid July (it is now aug). Further looking showed folders were wrong, goals were wrong, deleted tasks were there (undeleted).

it is as if toodledo decided the iPad tasks had been updated just before the sync (rather than weeks/months before)!and used those tasks instead of the newly updated tasks on the web page.

I did a manual sync and then a forced sync (web page to iPad) but that didn't help. Checking my iPhone and a webpage on the desktop showed the messed up tasks were on all devices.

I am getting tired of spending an hour or more cleaning up the problem each time it happens and I am losing my faith In Toodledo being able to sync devices without making a mess of things - how many tasks do I loose each time this happens or even just as I use it because sync of sync problems?

I don't know if this is because I don't use the iPad (or a specific iOS device) daily or if the iPad just doesnt sync correctly.

Anyone else have issues where an iOS device shows old info and changes the web page to the old information?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Aug 15, 2017
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The iOS app expects to be synced often. If it hasn't synced for over a month it can get confused when it tries to sync again, since so much time has elapsed. We plan to improve this, but right now this is a bug. If you use the app very infrequently, I suggest that you use our website instead. Your iPad should be able to load our website just fine and even work offline if necessary. It will work better with our new Tasks layout ( which was designed with mobile devices in mind.

Posted: Aug 22, 2017
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In my experience, the iPad app sync is very buggy. I had major issues with sync and by the process of elimination was able to trace them to the iPad app (no idea why the iPhone app didn't seem to have these problems).

Unfortunately, there's no easy free or cheap replacement. 2Do, which is what I am currently using, is an exceptionally powerful and well designed app, but it doesn't support all of the Toodledo features (e.g. no Status, Context or Goals), and is somewhat pricey one-time purchase.. Pocket Informant supports most if not all features but is an expensive yearly subscription and I really don't like the direction they've taken, both with pricing and breaking things that worked just fine.
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