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Posted: Nov 05, 2017
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Is there a good way of seeing what is on my upcoming schedule? That is, could I see what I have scheduled for (say) one particular week next month? And can that include repeating scheduled tasks that have not yet been scheduled for that week?
Olivir 2017

Posted: Nov 06, 2017
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First: Learn how to use Saved Searches, as using these, you can e.g. search for tasks due in next 30 days, while not due in the next 21 days... and much more. However, you cannot search for repeating tasks before they are actually scheduled for that week, because the future versions of the task actually do not exist until being scheduled.

Posted: Nov 08, 2017
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+1 Saved Searches. They are powerful and indispensable. I have a saved search that shows all repeating tasks (only current ones) sorted by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.

Repeating tasks are generated only on passing of Due Date or Marked Completion of the task. So in TD you can only see the current ones.

Once TD is linked to my Google Calendar it shows all repeating tasks in the future to infinity, even when I do not want it to. That may be of use to you.
I toggle the TD calendar in GCal on an off as required (so that I do not miss important events, because of the clutter).

Posted: Nov 11, 2017
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In order to display my schedule, I have a saved search "Appointments" (sorted by due date) which looks only for tasks with "Due Times", and then I enter "Due Times" only into hard scheduled events which I am planning to go to.

For example, for something I plan to go to, such as a meeting or a dentist appt, I make sure to give it a "Due Time". However if it is a specifically scheduled event which I might or might not go to, I do not give it a due time, instead for information purposes I only put the time in the task title, such as "1-5pm Farmer's Market".

Then the saved search "Appointments" gives me a list of only hard scheduled meetings, appointments, etc. which I plan on going to.

Actually, at first I tried to accomplish this by constructing a search for any task which was "Due On" an exact day, but I couldn't find a way to constrain search to only tasks with "Due On" dates. Thus, what I have described above is my work-around.

This way, if I have a certain day earmarked for a task, I can still give that task a due date which will show up if I look for what I have to do today, but won't clutter up my list of hard scheduled Appointments.

However, this approach won't find repeating tasks far in the future, because only the next instance of a repeating task is in upcoming tasks (as far as I can tell -- other calendar programs can do this). However, you could construct a search for tasks with Repeat "Any" to get a handle of what kinds of upcoming repeats you might have.

[Note, for events which I may or may not attend, besides leaving off the due time, I also make them be due "Optionally On". That way if I skip them, they get automatically deleted by Toodledo after the date passes, eliminating the necessity of my taking my own time to manually delete them.]
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