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Tip for Android out of sync with Web
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Posted: May 09, 2018
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Recently I lost a task in Android, which I could see fine in the web, this caused me to think that Android was out of sync with the web.

However, if in Android I went to Tasks - Main - All Tasks and did a Search for the task I found it, so I knew it was in Android, I just could not see it.

The issue with Android being out of sync with the web has been reported many times but despite their best efforts TD have not been able to reproduce it, and the usual advice is to firstly check the filters to make sure nothing is hidden (for the above search I ticked all three filter boxes).

In my case it was a filter that was hiding the task, but it was not obvious why.

Depending on what features of TD you use you will get offered different filters on the web and Android.
In my case on the web interface I had "Recently completed tasks", "Negative Priority" and "In the Future"
In Android I had "Deferred Tasks" , "Negative Priority" and Future Tasks"

The key difference here is the "Deferred Tasks" filter in Android.
I do not use the "Status" field so on the web I do not get offered the "Deferred Tasks" filter (if you enable the Status field then you will get this filter on the web) but you do get it in Android, even if you do not use the "Status" field.

Now this should not be a problem as I do not use the "Status" field for any of my tasks so would not expect the "Deferred Tasks" filter in Android to make any difference.
However, over the years I have played with all the TD fields, including "Status" and consequently some of my tasks have the "Status" field set to an Active or Deferred value, but it is so long ago that I played with "Status" that I had forgotten I had set these values.

So the outcome was that some of my tasks, including the one that I had "lost" had their "Status" set to a value that was Deferred, which meant that unless in Android I went into Show - Show/Hide and ticked the "Deferred Tasks" box these task would not show up in any of my lists (or search) but they would show on the Web as you don't get the "Deferred Tasks" filter if you are not using the "Status" field.

I am not saying that all the Android/Web sync problems are due to this issue, there may well be bug(s) with the sync process but if you do have tasks that you can see on the web but not in Android it is worth checking the "Deferred Tasks" filter specifically because it will filter out tasks that have a "Deferred Tasks" Status set, even if currently you are not using the "Status" field.

I do not know if this behaviour is design intent or a bug, in my mind if you are not using the "Status" field then the "Deferred Tasks" filter should not apply and ideally should not even be offered in Android (same as on the Web).

@Jake, can you comment please, is this design intent or an oversight that needs to be addressed with a future release of the Android App?

Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 10, 2018
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Thanks for the this discovery. It may be the problem that some people are having. I agree that it would be better if the status filer was hidden and not applied if you have the status field disabled. This is the way the website works, and we should get the android app to function the same way. I'll bump up the priority of this.
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