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Completed Subtasks not nested with Main task in saved search
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Posted: Aug 08, 2018
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I have a bunch of Projects that have a Parent task for each Project Title and then numerous subtasks for the Project actions.
I have a Folder called Projects, all project tasks are in this folder.

Settings - "Indented mode shows loose subtasks (recommended)"
Filters - Show Recently Completed Tasks
- Subtasks "Indented"
Sorted - Contents/Alphabetical/Due Date

If I select the built in Folder view (in the left window) and select the Folder "Projects", the Parent tasks are displayed with the uncompleted and recently completed subtasks nested below. Any subtasks that were completed some time ago do not appear.

I have a saved search called Projects which has only one parameter - "Folder is Projects"
If I select this view the Projects with uncompleted tasks are shown as Parents with subtasks nested underneath, but the completed tasks for these Parents are grouped together directly under the relevant Context dividers, not nested under their respective Parent tasks.

I expected that this Saved search would show the Parent tasks separated by Context with their respective completed and uncompleted tasks nested underneath them, sorted as set above.

Is the result of the saved search expected behaviour (design intent) or a bug?

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Posted: Aug 12, 2018
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So I uncompleted the completed tasks, refreshed the view and all these tasks moved to be under their respective Parent tasks (where they should be).

Left things like this for a day.

I have now re-completed all these tasks and at the moment they are still in the correct place beneath their respective Parent tasks.

Looks like this is now fixed, but I don't know why, will monitor and raise a support ticket if it happens again.

Posted: Aug 23, 2018
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This has happened again so I will raise as a bug with Support.
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