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Posted: Aug 21, 2018
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Dear all,

I am a big fan of Toodledo since a long time, supporting me in my GTD learning curve.

I am trying to see how I could use it more efficiently at work, for which I have a lot of different topics to manage at the same time.

I have made the following "Feature Request" below, but I was wondering if any of you had found an alternative or a way to do this ?

My usage of Toodledo involves different folders I would like to see at the same time.
Rather than a "list" view for the tasks, would it be possible to visualize, in the iPad / iPHone version (or website), a view of tasks that could for example have 5 columns x 2 lines ?
Each "cell" would show the first 10 tasks on the given folder or goal (for example the late tasks or the upcoming ones).

This would allow a kind of "dashboard" view of all the topics i deal with, with maximum visibility on all the "next actions" within my 10 folders or goals. Now that iPad allows good quality screens (like iPad Pro), I feel the space is mostly wasted when looking at the app on "landscape mode" : only a few tasks showing up compared to what the screen could allow.

Something like : (for Goals or Folders)
Goal A ! Goal B ! Goal C ! .....
Task A.1 ! Task B.1 ! Task C.1 !
Task A.2 ! Task B.2 ! Task C.2 !
Task A.x ! Task B.x ! Task C.x !
Goal F ! Goal G ! Goal H ! .....
Task F.1 ! Task G.1 ! Task H.1 !
Task F.2 ! Task G.2 ! Task H.2 !

This is I think this feature request is related to :


Thank you very much for any help to visualize more folders / goals on the same screen , or any third party app that could support an enhanced "dashboard" view !


Posted: Aug 25, 2018
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Extremely difficult to do that in TD I would think. Don't hold your breath.
Trello and DropTask could offer such Kanban visibility.

Posted: Aug 29, 2018
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Thank you for the suggestion, any other ideas or apps that could make it ?
Honestly, I would have hoped for a simple way to do these grid views, they don't need to be super fancy, just showing more than 1 project at a given time to support easy dashboards.
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