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Work Around for Sub-Tasks without a Subscription
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Posted: Sep 26, 2018
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I'm looking for a hierarchal way to organize projects. I have the free subscription so I don't have sub-tasks. I'm not sure I want to go to the paid version to get this, especially if there is a good work-around.

I was recently re-listening to some GTD podcasts and realized I need to manage projects better. I don't like the completely separate Projects List because I need to see the connections between tasks and projects. Also, I have big projects anyone would define as a project and projects as David Allen defines as just something that needs more than one task to complete. I don't do GTD really at all, but I do like the idea of universal capture, very small discreet "Next Actions" and I aspire to do a weekly review (but haven't gotten sufficiently disciplined to do that yet).

I've tried putting sub-task-like text in the notes (e.g. Task: Library Subtasks: []Renew online []Return due books []Pick up books on hold). That doesn't let you see the "sub-task" in the list by itself. I also have trouble when I check off a "sub-task" but I can't check off the parent. This is especially troublesome is repeating tasks.

I have tried stacking folders (sort of) by making groups of folders. For instance, I have several personal folders and they all start with PERSONAL (e.g. PERSONAL - Grad School). This is cumbersome and I either need a lot more folders or a lot less.

I've tried to use Outlines. If I have an outline for a task/project I put a "+" at the beginning of the task name (e.g. +Enroll in Grad School). But that's a little too disconnected from the tasks.

Currently, I'm trying the stacked folder and text sub-tasks method, but I'm not satisfied.

I use goals as goals but I've heard people use it for projects. I think I could use it for projects, could someone give a good explanation of how that would work?

Are there any other suggestions?


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