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Task note erased through mobile sync
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Posted: Apr 11, 2019
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Yesterday I took a long flight. While in the air, I created a task and wrote extensive notes in the "notes" field on my Android tablet, using the ToodleDo app.

This morning I turned my laptop on, intending to act on the notes. I noticed that the task didn't exist on the web interface. Ooops! Forgot to take the tablet out of Airplane mode. So I did that, and allowed the tablet time to sync.

I refreshed the web interface, and the task appeared - but the Notes field was empty. I probably clicked inside this empty field.
I went back to the tablet to check, and I saw the full note briefly - and then it vanished. I assume that clicking inside the empty field on the web had been counted as an update, which had overwritten the existing note with a blank one.

So, two things:
1. I think there's a bug here with a note created on the Android app with a new task not syncing. Unfortunately, I can't easily reproduce it. In case it's important, there will also have been a change of time zone.
2. Is there any way that I can get the note back? Any kind of note versioning behind the scenes which would allow a restore? That note was the result of at least an hour of thoughtful writing on the plane...


EDIT: Maybe irrelevant, given its age and that it was the iOS app, but this appears possibly-related:

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Posted: May 02, 2019
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I'm sorry this happened to you. I have learned the hard way, like you probably have right now, not to compose anything of substance in the notes field directly inside Toodledo, without first backing it up elsewhere. So, to make sure, I initially compose my longer notes in a plain-text file synced to Dropbox, and only then I perhaps transfer the note to Toodledo's notes field. I have learned the hard way that this "runaround" was necessary because I have lost quite a few notes over the years in ways similar to the one you are describing (upon an initially unsuccessful syncing attempt).

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