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iPhone app experiences and problems
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Posted: Aug 13, 2009
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I've been using Appigo's Todo app on the iPhone, synced to Toodledo Pro. I'm starting to see a few niggles with the way it tries to strike a compromise between its functionality and the Toodledo API, so I tried Toodledo's iPhone app. I thought I'd write a list of problems and suggestions. Sorry if these have already been discussed elsewhere:

I find it frustrating that your sort selection isn't remembered for each view, like it is on the web app. For things like focus and due-date today, I like to use folder sort because my folders at the moment are really contexts (if I used contexts, I'd use context sort). But that's useless if I go into, say, a Next 7 days view, so I have to change the sort order to due date and then revert.

I'd love to see multi-line task descriptions. Too many get truncated. I know I can use landscape, but I'd still like multi-line.

I'd like an easier way to see subtasks when nested. Todo just shows you parent and subtasks when you tap a parent, and you can tap on each one to get details. I think this is quicker and easier.

I think icons for things like priority and coloured dots for things like contexts and folders work better. Maybe as an option?

I worry a little that repeating tasks only regenerate when you sync. That means when I'm on a desert island my tasks won't repeat. Now you could argue that if I'm on a desert island I shouldn't be looking at my tasks, but you get the gist...

Push works nicely, but the sound they make is too low pitched and too short to be picked up. Be nice to have configurable sounds.

Not sure why the shortest reminder is 15 minutes. How about 5 minutes and 0 minutes too?

Like the web app (and Todo) it would be nice to have a "banner" when there is a major break in the sort. Like today, tomorrow, next 7 days, or folder/context name etc. Much easier to see what you've got then, rather than having to peer at the text to see when something changes.

This has been discussed recently, but I find the way repeating tasks behave when you tick one off a bit odd. In contrast to normal tasks, it stays ticked, and the regenerated instance appears, even though it doesn't belong in the current view. Doesn't seem to be necessary to me. Also, if you turn your phone off at this point and then turn it back on, an EXTRA task is shown (ticked off). This bit's a bug I guess.

I'd at least like an option to search all tasks, not just those in the current view. Eliminates the need to switch views unnecessarily.

A "quick add" button would be nice. I use this a lot in Todo. Just type in the description and the task is added with all its defaults.

I notice that you can't at the moment set subtasks to repeat with the parent, as you can with the web app.

Lastly, the app is crashing quite a bit for me. Can't pin it down exactly, but it will fairly often crash on startup.

Thanks for listening. I love Toodledo, and I look forward to seeing the iPhone app evolve.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Aug 14, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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