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Posted: Dec 09, 2019
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Right now, in the Apple iOS environment, Siri can add tasks to iOS Reminders, which automatically get synced to Toodledo tasks via the Toodledo “Reminders Syncing” option.

I’m looking for the same kind of functionality with Amazon devices supporting Alexa. I want to ask Alexa to remind me about x, and somehow get x copied from Alexa’s reminders to Toodledo tasks.

I’ve seen a few requests in the forums on this one. It sounds like at least one user has successfully gotten this to work via IFTTT, I would be very interested in understanding how they did it, and I will try it on my own and post any successful results. I’m pretty sure I could do it using Alexa to populate, then have populate Toodledo via Zapier or similar integration solutions, but that would involve a lot of work, a lot of interim steps, and money.

I’m guessing that this one will be on the roadmap indefinitely, but I have to believe that I’m not the only one interested in getting Alexa to add tasks to Toodledo. Is there an official date for release of this feature by Toodledo? If not, has anyone come up with a way to do this?


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Posted: Dec 09, 2019
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Update - there are several IFTTT applets out there for creating tasks on Alexa that get copied to Toodledo tasks. Unfortunately, I don’t use folders or priorities, I have everything in one big list and I sort by date then by tags (01, 02, etc.). It works and I’ve been using that Toodledo setup for years. So IFTTT works but it adds the task to the very bottom of my task list of 450+ tasks, with no date and whatever tag I gave it. I need to figure out a way to modify this IFTTT applet to allow me to set a date, or just set it to default to today and then I can move it out until whenever.

Or Toodledo can do the work and make a proper integration between Alexa and Toodledo :)
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