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Posted: Jun 04, 2008
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Currently, you can limit your view to a context while in a folder. It would be nice if the interface to do so were the same as limiting to a context while in the context view. That is to say, have a link across to top to each context showing their count. This would be great combined with the folder view.

Like this

[Context: | @School (5) | @Home (2) | @Call (3) | @Shop (1) | ]
[Folder: | CS411 (2) | CS473 (1) | CS433 (1) | Misc (4) | ]

So that say, clicking on @School would make only Folders with items @School display and reset the count to reflect items in that folder also @School.

This would really really enable people to efficiently use both contexts and folders.

Even better would be to have a third line just like the two above for tags.

What do you people think? I think the two things preventing me from using Toodledo more are

a) I want to see all possibilities at once for all classifications so I can jump around quickly.
b) Few printing options.

(a) I can't do much about, but (b) I can. I'm currently writing a python script to print a single page of my tasks efficiently. It will have multiple columns, look something like -

Folder 1
[tag1, tag2, ...] Do something
details on do something here
[tag1, ...] Do something else
[tag2, ...] And something else
Folder 2

When I get it reasonably nice for a single workable style, I'll work on options like print w/, w/o tags, tag before/after title, show/hide details, etc.

If people are interested enough, should I post it? This will be done entirely within python w/o any dependencies like latex, etc. I wonder if it could even be integrated into the server?


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 04, 2008
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I am sure that people will be interested in your python script that uses our API to print tasks more efficiently. Feel free to post it in our developers forum.
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