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Add Multiple Tasks as Subtasks
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Posted: Jun 05, 2008
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It would be nice when adding multiple tasks if we could add them directly as subtasks to an existing task. Right now, we have to add the multiple tasks and then go into the folder and drag them individually to form subtasks. Thanks! Jon

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 05, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Jul 07, 2008
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I'll heartily second this request!

Even if we could have an "add subtask" link on tasks that don't already have subtasks, that would be somewhat helpful. But adding multiple as subtasks would be great.

Posted: Jul 12, 2008
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I like the idea of an "add subtask" link on single tasks too -- I'm hoping this will eventually be implemented, and I can be patient in the meantime.

But what really would be nice is the original suggestion, where the Add Multiple Tasks page could directly add them as subtasks. The specific advantage to this approach is that, when adding multiple subtasks, I find myself setting things like priority, due date, length, context, etc. over and over, even for subtasks where one or more of these is the same for all. Obviously being able to set them all in one go would be a huge time saver.

Posted: Jul 30, 2008
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I would also like to say that this would be a great addition. It is quite time consuming to add tasks then drag them all as sub-tasks; especially since they tend to be scattered.

So, adding a "Add Subtask" link under a task that doesn't yet have any sub-tasks would be a fantastic and time saving addition. Ditto for the adding of multiple subtasks.

My current work around, if anyone is interested, is that I add several meaningless tasks to a folder usually starting with the letter "z" (so they stay at the bottom). Then I just drag these into a task in order to have the 'add sub-task' link appear going forward. Once a "real" subtask is added I remove the "z" task.
Not ideal but for me it works.

I'll just end with saying Toodledo is great and these are suggestions to make it even better. Keep up the awesome work.
Bartosz Gajek

Posted: Jul 30, 2008
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