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How is -1 Negative Priority used?
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Posted: Aug 06, 2022
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Just curious what folks use this 'negative' priority for. I assume it's to put a task into some sort of 'deferred' or "I don't intend to do this" state. I use the "Someday" Status for this and I've never been able to conceive of a scenario where it was appropriate to set a status of "-1 Negative."

I know there's no right or wrong way to do things. I'm just looking for ways to improve my workflow and this is one feature I've never tried to implement.

Posted: Aug 07, 2022
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I have always used net priority as a “waiting for” tag / list. I used tags for a whole, but I prefer one list that shows the things I am waiting for (and I can date them also) easy to switch from a WF (neg priority) to a higher priority with one click too.

Thanks when I have been doing for years and it works well for me,

Posted: Aug 09, 2022
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I have some inspirational and motivational quotes on repeat. since they're not tasks, just mental reminders, I put them as negative priority so they sort to the bottom.

Posted: Aug 11, 2022
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For the extra tasks that are quick to do but not essential for the day. Sort of like a secondary category of "nice to haves"
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