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What new connections do you want to see?
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Stefan Koegeler

Posted: Dec 23, 2010
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+1 for Caldav please!!!

Posted: Jan 04, 2011
Score: 1 Reference
Evernote, PLEASE!

Posted: Jan 04, 2011
Score: 2 Reference
Posted by George:
Evernote, PLEASE!

I will second that, Evernote please.

Posted: Jan 11, 2011
Score: 2 Reference
+1 for Caldav
+1 for Evernote

As soon as you can please! ;-)

Posted: Feb 05, 2011
Score: 1 Reference
Another vote for Android.

Posted: Feb 10, 2011
Score: 0 Reference

Becoming a deal-breaker for me, too unwieldy using 2 systems...

Posted: Feb 22, 2011
Score: -1 Reference
Feature Request: TextExpander integration. Thanks!

Posted: Apr 08, 2011
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I scanned last couple pages and see lots of requests for synch integration with Endnote but very few for upgrades to Google synch process. I have researched far and wide for to do list that best fit my needs and gave up Milk because of lack of subtask integration but am hugely frustrated by inability to seemlessly integrate between Google Calendar, Gmail, and Toodledo lists. Please, Toodledo, Help me out!!!!

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Posted: Apr 09, 2011
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syncml for taskcoach or just directly with taskcoach.

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Posted: Apr 19, 2011
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CalDAV is definitely missing.
I don't want to use the web frontend for putting in tasks and I want to be able to put them in with my CalDAV clients (iCal, iPhone).

AFAIK CALDAV for todos is much less effort than a full blown CALDAV, but that is just what WEBIS (PocketInformant) are saying.

CALDAV for todos would be the feature that binds Toodledo into the native Mac environment. The iPhone connection would be done with toodledo clients like the toodledo app or pocketinformant.

Posted: May 06, 2011
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I've been going back and forth between going with Toodledo and Nozbe. Toodledo is definitely more flexible and less costly, but the Evernote integration is really pushing me toward Nozbe. Having Evernote integration in Toodledo would make the decision a no brainer. Including it in the iOS app would make Toodledo impossible to beat.

Posted: May 06, 2011
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or anything that could make me see and edit my tasks visually on the same calendar together with my meetings.

Posted: May 07, 2011
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Posted by Q.P.:
Posted by slsgtd:
Google calendar

There are two Android apps. "Got To Do" is the best one.

It was.

Now in my opinion Ultimate To Do seems to be the best but I don't know Pocket Informant yet

Posted: May 07, 2011
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Posted by Toodledo:
We already have a number of useful ways to connect your Toodledo account with other websites, applications and gadgets (Firefox Add-on, Google Gadget, iPhone mini-site, Twitter, etc, etc, etc...)

Here are some others that are already on our to-do list and under development.

1. Native iPhone app
2. Google gears (for offline access)
3. Blackberry
4. Windows Mobile devices

What other ones would you like to see?

1.Android devices with a residential app
2.Google gears

The best could be to have in half one page have the calendarized task expressed with the title of the tasks ( the starred tasks could be the event of the day. On the other half page it would be great see the list of the contexts. Click on each one, see the tasks list it would be superb

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Posted: May 11, 2011
Score: 1 Reference
Native Android app that's location aware and that comes with a nice widget.

Posted: May 11, 2011
Score: -1 Reference
Google Docs

Posted: May 11, 2011
Score: -1 Reference
I'd love to see a more intuitive integration with Gmail. I'd like to forward an email to my Toodledo, but instead of entering a bunch of syntax codes I can't remember into the subject line, I'd like to have a panel drop down where I can fill in details using the Toodledo interface. And I'd like for the graphics and all hyperlinks in the email to show up in the note in Toodledo. Currently hyperlinks are clickable in notes only if they're in the message body and not the header.

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Posted: May 17, 2011
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Posted by geoster:
The market for WM devices is MUCH larger. I am totally enamored with the cult of apple, and understand why you would develop for that platform, but for a number of reasons I won't go in to WM devices are more effective than the iPhone (swappable batteries being #1).

While it is true the adoption of iPhones/iPads seems much larger than it actually is, there is little evidence there is a larger market for Windows Mobile. Microsoft's been trying - and failing - for over a decade to get any traction in the smartphone arena. Right now Android is top pooch, oddly second is RIM's Blackberry (but quickly losing ground) and iOS is third. Last time I checked, Nokia and Palm were merely blips.

So I can't imagine ToodleDo putting much energy into a Windows Mobile application when they won't even put out an official Android application. ;c) (Though I can't blame them for relying on third-party programmers for free labor!) My guess is you will have to convince Microsoft to create one or wait until the rare WM programmer whips one up.

Posted: Jun 02, 2011
Score: 1 Reference
I +1 Reqall.

I use Toodledo to manage my tasks
However I love Reqall's voice features, I have my gmail set to forward the task emails to my Toodledo account. HOWEVER, I also Love Reqall's reminder system. For someone with ADHD and the memory of a goldfish this is priceless including its Evernote reference feature.

However the transcripts are not always perfect, and I hate having to fix the text in both. Also, if I finish a task in one I'd like to sync with the other. I know its asking a lot, but it would be amazing if you guys could team up, I know there have been toodledo requests on the reqall forums too.
Chris Caven

Posted: Jul 12, 2011
Score: -1 Reference
Posted by MacPhyle:
Native Android app that's location aware and that comes with a nice widget.

Ultimate To-Do List (smartphone) from version 1.4.x is location aware

Ultimate To-Do List - Tablet from version 1.2 is location aware

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