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What new connections do you want to see?
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Posted: Jan 01, 2010
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Posted by javierplumey:
Posted by Quang:
+1 Windows Mobile

Evernote would be cool, but I don't see the connection. Unless we are talking about syncing Notes!

Syncing Task Notes? & Notebook Pages?

Yes, that would be ideal. Two-way sync for notes within Evernote would be great. Frankly I think the Nozbe integration is all wrong. It's great that you can view related material, but I'm more concerned about the Note itself. Their integration is read only, which is pretty useless if you ask me.

I agree that two-way sync with Evernote would be very nice, but I could certainly use the same kind of integration that Nozbe has done, I'd love to have a way to keep all the items related to my projects together.

I've tried to use the TD notes for this, but obviously it is too limited to help a huge amount.

So please count me in as another vote for some level of Evernote integration!

Posted: Jan 03, 2010
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Another vote for Thunderbird/Lightning integration.

It could be a winning step for both sides!


Posted: Jan 03, 2010
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Evernote is the ultimate INBOX. I would love to see a way of creating TD tasks from evernote.

Posted: Jan 06, 2010
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Thunderbird/Lightning integration would be great!

Posted: Jan 09, 2010
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+1 for Android

Posted: Jan 10, 2010
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Evernote Please
Michael McCubbing

Posted: Jan 10, 2010
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I would love to see Toodledo connect with other similar sites like reQall, programs like Thunderbird, and such. Even connecting to social networks like Facebook would be useful.

First and foremost I believe that instead of focusing on site or program specific methods the wonderful programmers here should look at what standard protocols, APIs, and other techniques they can use that provide broad coverage to as many platforms as possible. Too many times I have seen sites focus on site specific methods so much that they missed other methods that could have gotten them the same coverage (often with the exact same sites and programs and the same functionality). Also, adding standards based approaches makes it easier to connect to future sites and programs that may not even be announced yet.

Oh, and definitely a +1 for Gears / HTML5!

This message was edited Jan 10, 2010.

Posted: Jan 12, 2010
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I like what Nozbe have done with Evernote, although the way Toodledo works is a little different so I'm not sure the same kind of integration would work in Toodledo. However I'm sure there's some equally ingenious way that Toodledo could integrate with Evernote better.

I'd love to see a good Android app as I'm about to get an HTC Hero.

And Gears, of course!

Posted: Jan 19, 2010
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I vote for native iphone app and google gears

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 19, 2010
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We have a native iPhone app.

Posted: Jan 20, 2010
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It is extremely sad that you have spent no time in devoloping a native Blackberry app. I guess corporate users are not important to you.
Vin Thomas

Posted: Jan 20, 2010
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Posted by guy:
I guess corporate users are not important to you.

That's a harsh thing to say.

FYI, Toodledo is primarily one guy. The iPhone app is great and there are tons of third-party connections. As much as I would love to see an Android App, or you would like Blackberry (and others may want WebOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc), I don't think it's fair to say that Toodledo doesn't care about it's users.

The more time you spend here you will quickly find out that Toodledo cares more than any other company in his field.

Posted: Jan 20, 2010
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Well, it is sad if Toodledo is a one guy company.

Shouln't we have a wiki to contribute better to this project ?

I came to say ...:

I wish we had a way to import .ics by url directly, and if possible to have them to update in an easy way.

Posted: Jan 21, 2010
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I sincerely apologize if my earlier post was harsh.

I have be an avid Toodledo user (Pro) since the inception and absoulutly adore the application.

It has just been very frustrating seeing all the excellent work and programming that has gone into the Iphone app (yes I have one also) and since I utilize my BB Bold as my primary device, it would be nice to have the same abilities.

Again, sorry for the tone of my earlier post, did not intend to offend anyone and am very appreciative of all of Toodledo's efforts and hard work.


Posted: Jan 23, 2010
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Another vote to nokia. I want an e72 badly...

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 25, 2010
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There is already a native app for the Blackberry that was made specifically to sync with Toodledo.

Posted: Jan 27, 2010
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Posted: Jan 29, 2010
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After going around and around wishing I could sync Things or The Hit List with Toodledo, I think I would have to say my top priorities (in this order) are:

1. Gears (essential)
2. A new UI look and feel (would-be-nice)

I have created a workflow I am happy with on my Mac, but I wish I could work offline and have a cleaner interface while doing it.

Toodledo is hands down the best online task tool.

Posted: Feb 15, 2010
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Personal Brain
Free Mind
Rob G

Posted: Feb 16, 2010
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+1 Evernote
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