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Posted: Sep 22, 2009
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Greetings Folks,

I recently started using the send-email feature. It works well, except for one instance, which I can always duplicate...

Subjt: Add $1.99 iPhone/ Whatever App

Invariably, everything after "Add" (space) is stripped, leading me to surmise that there's a problem with the dollar sign. It's consistent, as the same thing happens whether I send email directly to ToodleDo from my iPhone, MyTouch, or desktop Launchy. Ditto if I forward such an email from gmail.

I re-checked, eliminating the $ and keeping the slash- no problem.

I was hoping to keep the "Add $" for search purposes when I'm trying to gather all notes re receipts. Are the developers aware of this snafu??



I forgot to note: This problem does NOT appear when I use ToodleDo Sync, to sync items between Outlook 2007 tasks and Toodledo.

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Posted: Sep 22, 2009
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I guess that is because when sending your task by email the $ symbol is used specify the Status (Next Action, Active, etc).


Status - To set the status use the $ symbol and then the status. For example: "$Next Action".

So as soon as Toodledo sees the $ in your email it assumes that the task title has ended and now you're specifying Status, Folder, etc.

Not sure if Toodledo supports escape characters of some sort (I don't think so but someone else would have a better idea than me I'm sure), if not maybe it's something to consider?

Eg. In your case Add ^$1.99 iPhone/ Whatever App $Next Action


Posted: Sep 22, 2009
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What you are running into is Toodledo's special email syntax. Essentially, there are certain symbols that are used to set things like Status, Folder, etc. directly in the subject line. Here is all the info on that:
Basically, Toodledo is expecting you to designate a status for the task when you use the "$" symbol, but since "1.99 iPhone/ Whatever App" is not a Toodledo Status, it is just ignoring that part. For example, if you put "$Next Action" in the subject line, the task would be added to Toodledo with Next Action status assigned to it.
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