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Moving from RTM - Locations, GPS and Android Native App
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Posted: Jan 09, 2010
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I am currently experimenting with ToodleDo and contemplating moving from RTM. There are certainly a few things I'd miss as well as some I'd gain:

1. A good native Android app. I did find one in the market that is giving me synchronisation problems and I see from the forums here that are two others, one in development and one in beta test.

2. Geographical contexts and GPS integration. One of the common uses for context is a particular place where the task has to be done. RTM can mark tasks as needing to be done at a particular place and record the latitude and longitude so a native app on a GPS-enabled phone can spot when one is close to the location concerned and show tasks for that context. I'd be interested in this for Android but I assume it could be done on iPhone too.

3. Access to saved searches in the slim version of the website. RTM has the same ability to name and save a search as Toodledo but in the case of RTM this then appears as a list (equivalent to a Toodledo folder) enabling the output of the search to be view on their cut-down website and in their native application. I can not find how to do the same with the Toodledo slim site.

If I've missed anything here and these things are already available but in a different way I'd obviously be very keen to hear. If not these are suggestions for new features.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 11, 2010
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Thanks for the suggestions. These are on our list for future updates.

Posted: Feb 03, 2010
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I second this post, both for an app and the saved searches in the slim site. I've been trying to integrate the URL to a specific saved search into the /slim URL but that was a no-go. Please include these!
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