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Why Use ToDo for iPhone?
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Posted: Aug 09, 2008
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I've read a number of enthusiastic posts about using Todo by Appigo on the iPhone in conjunction with Toodledo on the Mac/PC. Since it costs $10 and you can't try it out, I thought I'd ask why you would want it instead of using Toodledo/slim. Any comparisons?


Posted: Aug 10, 2008
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all I can tell you is that the $10 spent on todo was worth it.

Posted: Aug 10, 2008
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I have the "To Do" app that you've mentioned. Here is my analysis:

-It's an "off-line" app meaning you can access your list without a live connection. (Nice feature if you're in an area w/o service).
-You can add/complete/delete tasks, assign priorities, put tasks in their requisite folders and sync it all up w/Toodledoo.

-Doesn't take advantage of Toodledo's advanced functions (Hotlist, goals, contexts, tags, subtasks, etc.).
-It costs $$$.

Hope this helps your decision.


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Posted: Aug 14, 2008
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Short answer = one word: Quick! When I just want to enter a task while on the run, the iPhone-based ToDo opens smoothly and quickly, allowing me to immediately tap a desired folder and add the task. I can fill in the other stuff when I have the time to focus, either via the desktop or the "Slim" iPhone interface. Best bang for my bucks encountered in quite some time.

Posted: Aug 14, 2008
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I'm new to Toodledo (I've found it to be far slicker than RTM). I started my account before downloading ToDo for my iPhone, so I could see the features on this end. I was happy, so I gave ToDo a shot. I am still adjusting, and need to devote some time this weekend to set everything up the way I want it, but I am happy with the ease of use for ToDo, especially when I am without connectivity (no WiFi or 3G/EDGE)! Scraping up $10 worth it for me...

Posted: Aug 25, 2008
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I just downloaded ToDo today and started playing with it. I like he interface, but there are two problems I've had with it (I have the same problems with syncing with Outlook as well)

1. Subtasks show up in ToDo on the same level as the parent tasks...this makes it difficult to organize tasks when using ToDo; there is no way to collapse the subtasks (as far as I can tell). Again, this problem also exists in Outlook.

2. If I assign one of my tasks to one of my collaborators, it disappears from my Toodledo active tasks (when viewed from my browser), but it still shows up in ToDo as if it was never assigned to someone else...the result is that I have two different task lists depending on if I am using my iPhone or my web browser. Easy enough to manage if you only have a handfull of tasks...not so much when you have a couple dozen.

Posted: Aug 25, 2008
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I now have Todo and can't get my Toodledo tasks to download onto Todo. I've followed all the troubleshooting tips including deleting the app, restarting, etc. The two folders "home" and "work" show up but no tasks are inside. Any ideas what else I might try? I like the availability of tasks offline if I can get this to work.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 25, 2008
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For support with Todo on the iPhone, please contact the developers at
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