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Posted: Sep 10, 2008
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I'm thinking of buying an iPod Touch mainly so I can work with my toodledo list on the go (though I'm sure I would enjoy many of its other features, too :) ). I've been trying to cull the answers to a few questions by reading other posts and decided to ask directly.

I understand that there are the options of using the more full-featured Toodledo Slim which can only be used in Wifi range and the simpler Appigo ToDo app, which can be used offline. Is anyone using both--one or the other depending on the situation?

Do I understand correctly that you can easily synch up the info in ToDo and ToodleDo, whether it is adding, editing, or completing tasks?

Any other words of wisdom from folks using iPod Touch & Toodledo?

Is the lack of cut & paste driving you nuts?

Thanks very much!

Posted: Sep 11, 2008
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I have an iPhone and would still prefer an app to a webapp, but I am using the web version for now because Appigo Todo does not support subtasks or contexts yet and supposedly does not properly schedule recurring tasks if marked as done within the app. Once it does that I will likely buy it if a better solution is not yet available by then.

Copy/paste only affects me occasionally on the iPhone in general. I will be happy to have it when it finally is added but I much prefer the iPhone w/o copy/paste to my old Treo 650 with!! Better apps, better UI; in general, better, though I had a lot of initial issues before the 2.0.2 firmware and am looking forward to 2.1 tomorrow!

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Posted: Sep 11, 2008
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I use both, depending on the circumstances, although I tend to use the Toodledo slim client more often from my PC at work, and the ToDo client on my iPod Touch at other times. I can't get on WiFi at work, so depending on what I'm doing that day, I'll either work all on ToDo on my Touch, or all on the slim client in Firefox or Chrome on my PC, and then sync when I get home. I haven't started using Contexts too heavily, since I can't see them yet on ToDo, but I do set them through Toodledo in anticipation of their arrival soon in ToDo.

If I am going to be doing major planning work and re-organizing of my lists, I'll work in Toodledo for the day at work (I always sync just before going to work). Otherwise, I prefer to use ToDo because it is just so easy, and it feels good to cross things off there. I have a lot of repeating tasks, and they seem to work well across both systems (there were a couple bugs, but I think those are fixed now).

I am hoping that more Toodledo features come to ToDo, such as Goals, Status and Tags, but I figure that I can always access those through the slim client until such time that they are local on ToDo. With the new quick-entry on ToDo, I find it very easy to add tasks to my Inbox as they arise during the day, and sort them out later when I get a chance.

I miss the cut and paste, but it hasn't been a big deal - like I mentioned, I can do heavy editing in Toodledo via the PC and get the major cut and paste done there. I have put requests into both Toodledo and ToDo to add the ability to copy tasks and subtasks so that I can replicate activities that I do on an irregular basis, but I haven't heard any plans to implement that yet - that would be much more powerful to me than cut and paste!

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Posted: Sep 13, 2008
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Thanks for your answers.
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