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Add subtasks directly to a task
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Posted: Sep 12, 2008
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I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere - but if it has been, please just add my vote:

Sometimes when I'm looking at a long list of items, I want to add a subtask to a task - it's a little cumbersome to create the task at the top level and then drag it into the right task... it involves a bit more shifting of focus than is necessary.

On the iPhone interface, there is a link on each task to add a subtask - and it seems like it should be trivial to expose this in the full webapp.

This could also be an intermediate solution to various individual's request for yoking subtasks to the task. If you create a subtask from a link (or some kind of widget) in an existing task, it could inherit folder, goal, etc. by default, but allow the creator to change these values in the usual way.

(This "inheritance" functionality could also be included in the iPhone version).


Toodledo Founder
Posted: Sep 12, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Sep 13, 2008
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I noticed this iPhone webapp functionality recently and would love to see it on the full web version as well! And the inheritance of "parent task" setting would absolutely rock as well. Count me for a vote!
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