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How do you handle subtasks?
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Posted: Oct 05, 2010
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Hi everyone.

I have folders set up in Toodledo for different major topics such as "client follow-up" "Home Improvement" "Car", etc.

Something that I would file in my "Home Improvement" folder is to re-caulk my bathtub.

However, this is not a next action in and of itself; first I need to buy caulk, do some prep work, etc. I have these action steps listed as sub-tasks, but as I primarily use ToodleDo on my iPad and iPhone (I find those apps faster & easier to use in most ways than the website) and subtasks are not displayed slightly indented under the parent as on the website, it's a bit cumbersome to either put a reminder in the task title that there are subtasks associated with "Caulk Bathtub" or to have to see the teeny, tiny icon next to the task indicating that there are subtasks under it.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, how do you people handle tasks with subtasks more effectively, especially in light of the fact that often the subtasks are the more important next action steps?

I guess I could (and do) simply assign the subtasks a higher priority and mark them as "next action" but I like seeing the ultimate goal that the subtask will lead to...maybe I should start using goals in ToodleDo?


Posted: Oct 05, 2010
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There are probably many ways you could handle this, but here is a link to a recent post I made about how I handle subtasks. Note that this relates primarily to the website but a similar naming scheme would work OK on your iPhone/iPad.

Basically, put an abbreviation of your parent task name at the start of all subtasks.

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