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Curiosity -- How much do you Topodledo?
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Posted: Nov 24, 2010
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Just a little curious:

1. Do you GTD? Strict or a variation?
2. How many tasks do you have in Toodledo typically?
3. How many tasks do you have in your largest folder? largest ccntext?
4. Do you tag tasks? How many tags do you have?
5. How far into the future do your tasks go typically?
6. Do you "what if" plan on Toodledo or only put in definite to-dos?


Posted: Nov 25, 2010
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I know there are many many experts here, but I have never read much about GTD. So,

1). I assume I'm not using GTD. But I am happy that after searching for really long I found a good task Management system which I can keep in sync from almost everywhere. I know I will benefit a LOT by learning and strictly following GTD, but that's on my to-do list :)

2). I have Around 50-60.

3). At the risk of sounding a really careless person, the largest number of my tasks are in No Folder :). Largest context is 'Someday' :). Some people have 'Someday' as a folder, but I think it helps me making it as a Context. For example, my 'Call' folder includes some people I'll call someday. Similarly my 'Dev' folder has open source projects I want to do someday, but not sure when. It's normally hidden from the view.

4). I use tags mostly as a measure of how much time I think a task will take. Frequently I tag them as 'very quick' if they are such (Or quick, slow etc.). This is because when I have some extra time waiting for something, I go to this saved search which shows all my 'very quick' tasks to quickly kill off a few of them. That makes me feel happy :).

5). Not too much. Of course, my 'someday' tasks could go as far as whole life ;), but I try to have a due date to as many of them as possible otherwise I'll probably never complete them. You should have only those many future tasks about which you are certain.

6). I personally just keep definitive to-dos. I don't store tasks like 'When I have children, look for a good school for them'. But of course, I'm not a power user. For people who manage big projects using ToodleDo, they may store 'what if' kind of tasks as well.


Posted: Nov 25, 2010
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1. Strict (i think)
2. 150 tasks in all toodledo
3. 60 tasks are active, 15 next actions, @workcomputer 40 tasks
4. I dont use tags
5. Don't know, if they have dates then they are in the calendar
5. I have someday tasks that are not really defined, so I place them here

Posted: Nov 26, 2010
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1. Loose. Am working on my own variation.

2. 52 so far. But I just got started and expect to have many more. Probably hundreds.

3. folder: 14; context: 15 (but these numbers will grow)

4. yes, I tag. Right now 9. But I don't expect to have more than 20 with my current plan for how to use them.

5. Right now, my tasks go up to 45 days in the future. But that's only because I haven't gotten to my longer range tasks yet. I expect to have tasks up to 2 years.

6. I put in "maybe" todo's. Not so much what if's.

Posted: Nov 29, 2010
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Interesting questions, should give a different insight into how many different ways we use TD and see our tasks.

1. Not at all.

2. 116 active, though many of these are repeating tasks, many of which are not normally starred until the time comes.

3. 38 in my CW folder (the acronym for the division I work in, 84 in my Work context which includes CW as well as all my projects in their individual folders.

4. I use tags for a variety of things. I have tags for my regular duties which don't fall under any project. E.g., I am the division timekeeper, which isn't enough to constitute a folder, but I want to track. I also use tags for the people who are my most frequent "customers" (internal).

5. Many of my repeating tasks go indefinitely into the future. I think the longest scheduled are a year out, repeat tasks that I do once a year.

6. The only "maybes" are my Someday tasks, which I may never get time to do, but which usually get done eventually.
Andrew A

Posted: Nov 29, 2010
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1) Orthodox I think, not over zealous "strict" or "loose" but according to scripture ;) lol

2) always around 150... never seems to go down or up, no matter how much I add or clear, when I am diligent or lax and off the wagon

3) about 70 in a one shot actionable items folder, 20ish in a couple of contexts.

4) No tagging

5) indefinite. I have repeated tasks for cyclical items. Some weekly, some annually.

6) No what ifs, but definitely a list of someday things.
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